Tiger Talk -- Special APEX Edition!


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To ensure that we are not caught outdoors in the stormy weather predicted for Friday, our FUN RUN OBSTACLE COURSE is now changed to our new and improved APEX GLOW RUN. Our students will have a super exciting time in the Gym, and to make that possible, we have adjusted the run schedule slightly and have canceled he APEX Awards Assembly. Another adjustment, just for Friday, is that 2nd grade and 3rd grade will switch lunch times. On Friday, October 25, 2nd grade will have lunch from 11:50 to 12:20, and 3rd grade will have lunch from 11:30 to noon.

What an awesome job our students (and you) have done with our WCHE Elementary Obstacle Course Fun Run fundraiser. You should be congratulated for all your efforts! I know that you and our Tigers will NOT be disappointed with the change from our Obstacle Course Fun Run to our indoor APEX GLOW RUN. Instead of counting the number of obstacles each Tiger clears, we'll count the number of laps completed in the Glow Run.

We are in the final stretch now! Remember that funds raised from our APEX Fun Run will be used to pay for Student and Teacher Enrichment Programs!


  • Every student will receive an APEX t-shirt to wear at the event.
  • Every student should wear comfortable shoes to run in.
  • Every student should get a good night’s sleep.
  • Every student should eat a healthy breakfast (and lunch for those who may be running in the afternoon).
  • Every student should stay hydrated – start today.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If every student got just 1 MORE sponsor tonight for $1/lap or a $30 flat donation, that would INCREASE our total earnings for our school by over $8,000… in just one night!!! Login at www.MyApexEvent.com using your student’s access code to enter pledges.

APEX GIVES BACK: Apex Leadership Co has partnered with the Thirst Project (the world’s largest youth water org) again this year to help end the global water crisis. For every student who reaches $10 per lap pledged for their school, Apex will make a donation (on their dime) to help provide up to 4 years of clean drinking water for those in need. This is a great way to show kids that they can help change the world!

APEX GLOW RUN SCHEDULE: Our students are excited and energized for the big event Friday. Families are welcome to come out and cheer on the students! Due to the storm forecast for Friday, we're moving our FUN RUN indoors! We will have a most excellent GLOW RUN in the Gym, and we are changing the run time schedule accordingly. Here is our new schedule:

7:50 am.......5th Grade

8:50 am.......4th Grade

9:50 am.......3rd Grade

10:50 am.....2nd Grade

12:00 pm.....1st Grade

1:00 pm........Kindergarten

2:00 pm........Sensory Run

APEX Awards Assembly is canceled to provide our Tigers sufficient time to complete their fun runs.

Thank you for your continued support! GO TIGERS!!!!!

Pledge/Pay Here With Your Tiger's APEX ID Code

October 16, students brought home a pledge kit that contains the student's individual pledge & payment access code. You will need that code to make online pledges and payments. Thank you for making a difference in our Tigers' lives!

The Apex Fun Run is FRIDAY!!!!

Friday, Oct. 25th, 7:45am-2:30pm

6112 Cypress Ranch Boulevard

Spicewood, TX

Be sure to save the date! Our Apex Fun Run is Friday, October 25!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Please park in our parking lots

During school events and visits to our campus, please park in one of our parking lots. If the lots are full, please park on the street next to the curb.

Please do NOT park on the Cypress Ranch Boulevard medians. Please do NOT park on grass or landscaped areas.

Let's be good neighbors and stay on the pavement. Thank you!

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For more information about donations....

Feel free to email treasurer@wchpto.org

Upcoming Events

10/25/19................APEX FUN RUN HAS MOVED TO THE GYM!

10/25/19................NO ALL-SCHOOL ASSEMBLY TODAY

10/25/19................2nd Grade Lunch is 11:50 - 12:20

10/25/19................3rd Grade Lunch is 11:30 to 12:00.

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