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Dear Parent/Guardian of Prairie View Students,

Hang on to your bootstraps because we are headed into another holiday season. If you have visited any of the large retail stores, the elves, ornaments, and reindeer have been stocked and ready to fly off the shelves. I prefer to anticipate and enjoy one major holiday at a time. The Halloween candy is going to take some time to “disappear” and the jack-o-lanterns and costumes still need to be packed up for next year. A big thank you goes out to the Sandwich Police Department for talking to all of our students about trick-or-treat safety, as well as, providing goody bags for each child. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Great Pumpkin Contest, the wonderful judging team (Mrs. Dannewitz and Mrs. Benson), and the teacher who suggested this fabulous idea—Mrs. Gudmunson. There were so many creative pumpkins representing a wide variety of literary characters. Prairie View has found a new fall tradition! October and Fire Prevention go hand-in-hand. Sandwich Firefighters taught us about some of the gear and equipment they use and what steps to take to escape a burning structure. As part of Fire Prevention, the Department hosts a coloring contest of third grade students with the winner riding to school one day on the firetruck. We had an unusual circumstance this year……two winners! Ms. Taylor Bock and Mr. Colten Corneils arrived to PV, sirens blaring, on a huge firetruck where the entire student body was waiting for them in the front of the school. The school was dark on October 14th with a day off for Columbus Day. It is not only the holiday season, but the cold and flu season, too. Our school nurse, Mrs. Hoyt, visited each classroom demonstrating and helping students practice proper hand washing…..always a good refresher as we attempt to reduce the spread of germs and illness. Following October’s theme of safety, members of Northwestern Hospital presented a program called Think First to our first grade students about the importance of wearing a bike helmet. To emphasize the fact that a bike helmet could potentially save a life, every first grade student went home with a complimentary bike helmet. Before we talk turkey, another national holiday that deserves honor and recognition. Veterans’ Day is November 11th. Originally known as “Armistice Day”, Veterans’ Day celebrates the first anniversary of the end of World War I (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”). This holiday pays special tribute to all American veterans—living or dead—but especially the living men and women who served their country honorably during war or peacetime. Local veterans will be our special guests during a school-wide assembly. This holiday is a great example of patriotism and helps teach citizenship to our young students. If it is sleep you crave, your lucky day/night is November 2nd when Daylight Saving Time Ends and the clocks are turned back an hour.

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on November 7th and November 8th. It’s not too late to schedule a conference with your child, or children’s, teacher. You may have already received information regarding your child’s performance on the fall benchmarking. Benchmarking gives us a snapshot or where students are performing in reading and math at a given point in the year. Some of the assessments we use provide comparison data on how a child is doing compared to a large sample of same-aged peers. As a parent, it may be helpful to ask the teacher for suggestions on things you can do to support learning at home….regardless if they are meeting, below, or above the standard. Sandwich CUSD #430 has slowly been transitioning to standards-based grading which is measuring performance based on a mastery of learning standards. Grade level teams have been working diligently to establish performance standards and assessments to measure growth uniformly. You may want to ask for a copy of the learning standards at your child’s current grade and ask how their performance will be measured. Your child’s teacher should also be able to address a plan of action if your child does not meet the standard. It may be helpful to ask about academic strengths and weaknesses. How your child gets along with others and problem solves-- are also indicators of success. Conferences are meant to share information. Please talk with the teacher about your child….likes, dislikes, interests, fears, incentives, dreams, concerns, changes at home….anything you feel would give the teacher more insight into your child and his/her success in the learning environment. Please be mindful of the time as there is probably another parent(s) waiting for their appointment. If you feel you need additional time to communicate, please schedule another session. The school year is young, but your children have already accomplished so much. We are looking forward to seeing you either on that Thursday or on Friday to share their progress.

And, yes, I did say we’d “talk turkey” so let’s do it! Wishing everyone a grateful Thanksgiving where the turkey and fixins’ are secondary to sharing a perfect day with family and friends. Gobble ‘till you wobble!

Sherrie Stricklin


"Believe in the Magic of Learning"

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In order to have a smooth student dismissal each day, we are asking that if their is a change in your students transportation, to please write a note and send it to school with your student on that day. Please reserve phone call changes to only emergency situations. The office is not staffed to handle phone calls with changes of transportation on a daily basis. Except for a rare emergency situation, any changes after 2pm cannot be guaranteed. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, November 7th from noon to 8:00 p.m. and Friday, November 8th from 8:00 a.m. to noon. If you haven't already scheduled a conference, please contact your child's teacher. Please check with your child's teacher if you are bringing your student with you to the conference. Since there will be no supervision during conference time, your child will need to remain in the classroom with you and the teacher.
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Prairie View will be collecting canned and boxed goods for the Franklin Mall Project. Your donations can be sent to school with your student between November 11th - December 13th. The Sandwich Lion’s Club administers the Franklin Mall Christmas food project each year servicing families within the Sandwich School system. This is a nonperishable food project to support families who could use a helping hand.
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National Fire Prevention was the week of October 7th - October 11th. Third grade students at Prairie View participated in a poster contest based on the fire department theme of the year. This year's theme is "Not every hero wears a cape. PLAN and PRACTICE your ESCAPE." Congratulations to the winners, Colton Corneils in Mr. Steimels' class and and Taylor Bock in Mrs. Baker's class. Both students were escorted to school in a fire truck and were greeted by students, faculty and staff when they arrived at Prairie View. Thank you to the Sandwich Fire Department and EMS personnel for presenting an assembly on fire safety. Great job to all third grade students on your posters.
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The Firemean of the Sandwich Fire Department also presented Miss Stricklin with her own fire helmet for her 40 years of dedication to education. Congratulations to Miss Stricklin and may your last year be the best year yet! You will be missed!

Fundraiser will be available for pickup November 6th from 3-4:30

Thank you for all your support!

Our Box Tops competition is still going strong! Keep clipping them

and continue to send them in and we will tally them up November 1st.

The classroom that brings in the most Box Tops wins!

Box Tops also have a new app that is very easy and convenient to use.

Please give it a try every bit helps our school!

Our next PPA Meeting will be November 13th, at 1:30. Thank you to those

who showed up at our last meeting. If you were unable to make it,

please feel free to contact us via our email or Facebook page with

any questions or ideas.

PPA email:prairieview@gmail.com

PPA Facebook: www.facebook.com/PVPPA

Thank You,

Prairie View PPA

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It is a frightening fact that only 1 in 10 sexually abused children will tell someone. Erin's Law (named after childhood sexual assault survivor turned child advocate and activist Erin Merryn) was signed by Governor Quinn late January, 2013. This legislation requires all schools (Pre-K through 12th grade) to provide age-appropriate curriculum for kids on sexual abuse. Educating kids on safe touch, unsafe touch, safe secrets, how to get away and tell today. We have arranged with specialist from Safe Passage to be in our building in mid December. The outcome is to teach students at an early age what to do and what to tell if they ever are in an abusive situation. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Miss Sherrie Stricklin, 815-786-8811.
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We are approaching the time of the year of changing weather. We have windy days, warm temperatures, dropping temperatures, rain, and before we know it, snow! Please keep in mind that your child is dressed properly to go outside for recess. The district policy is that we go out for recess any time the temperature, including wind chill, is 10 degrees or higher.
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All medications, including cough drops and over-the-counter products, require a Medication Authorization Form to be completed and signed by a student’s healthcare provider and their parent/guardian.

Flu season is around the corner! Protect yourself and your family this season with an annual flu vaccine for everyone who is 6 months and older. Seasonal flu activity can begin as early as October and last as late as May. Visit www.flu.gov for more information.

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October was a busy month in Kindergarten. We have

begun focusing on individual letters, their sounds and sight

words in language arts. In math, we have been working on

number concepts to 10. We finished up the month with a trip

to Kuipers Family Farm and our Halloween party.

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First grade has begun their plants and animals science unit. They've been learning about mimicry and camouflage. The students have done various experiments in class and have read many books about how animals stay safe and survive. Here are some students camouflaging butterflies in their classroom.
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Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Gudmunson's 2nd Grade Classes took a field trip to Hoover on October 9. They were able to learn about plant and seed dispersement. Students explored the grounds around Hoover looking for seeds that are native to our area. They talked about how they were dispersed(spread or transported) and what each seed looks like during that process. Students also learned about water on Earth and how the land around us shapes the kinds of bodies of water we have in our area.
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The third graders traveled back in time to Naper Settlement, a living history museum with costumed presenters and restored 1890s buildings. Students watched a blacksmith bend and twist a glowing iron rod into a coat hook. We also recited poetry in a one-room schoolhouse, and learned about setting uppercase and lowercase type in the newspaper print shop.

Mrs. Baker's students have been reading the weekly story, then answering comprehension questions together in small groups. Mrs. Stahl's students created animals using dried and flattened leaves and twigs.

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This past month the STARS program has been learning about Fall and Creepy Crawlers. We had a great time on our field trip to Woody's Apple Orchard! We were able to do several cooking activities and art projects with our themes. We are looking forward to next months theme of "Let's Make Music!"
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November 2019

We have been very busy in P.E. during the month of October. Students have learned new soccer skills and terms, we were given the opportunity to learn some self-defense techniques with Master Francis during Red Ribbon Week, we’ve started to go over the correct technique for overhand throwing, our fitness days have been centered around cardiovascular endurance, and we did some spooky Halloween games and glow bowling. If you completed the october fitness calendar, be sure to hand that in!

For the month of November, students will continue to practice the correct throwing and catching techniques. Students will get many opportunities to use a variety of objects to throw and will use many different sizes, shapes, and levels of targets to aim at. Cooperating, taking turns, and being a good sport throughout these activities will be expected. Students will continue to learn useful fitness terms and concepts during our fun fitness days. At the end of the month, students will get the chance to participate in Thanksgiving themed games, with a focus on nutrition and eating right!

Nutrition Tips For Thanksgiving:

  • Don’t forget to eat breakfast. It’s important to eat a small meal before the big one, so you are not starving by the time you eat Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Sometimes it is easier if you start out with small portions when you first fill your plate. If you finish all your food on your plate, you can then have a second plate or dessert if you are still hungry.

  • Make sure you fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables; then add the rest with the special foods. It’s important to include your fruits and veggies, even on holidays.

Safety on Thanksgiving:

  • The stove will be hot most of Thanksgiving day. Be sure to stay 3 feet away so you don’t get burned.

  • Stay away from hot foods and liquids, which can spill and burn you. Wait for foods and drinks to cool down before consuming so you don’t burn your mouth or throat.

  • Keep your toys out of the way so no one trips over them.

  • Never go anywhere or do anything without talking to your parents first.

  • Be aware of the ingredients to be sure it is safe for you to eat or drink.

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Parents are their children’s first teacher

Some games to play at home:

1. Play memory or concentration with sight words, vocabulary words, or math facts.

2. Play a board game such as Candyland and have your child read a sight word or

spell their spelling word before taking their regular turn.

3. Play tic-tac-toe or bingo with short or long vowel words or with any concept.

4. Have your child write words in shaving cream on a cookie sheet or in the bathtub.

5. Build words with letter magnets. (They stick on the refrigerator or on a cookie

sheet for easy portability.)

6. Find words or numbers in magazines or in newspapers. Circle them with smelly

markers or cut them out.

7. Write a sentence or a math problem, cut it apart, and have your child reassemble


8. Look for letters, numbers, or words on signs when traveling.

9. Write notes or jokes for your child and slip them in their lunchbox or in their take-

home folder as a surprise.

10. Have your child help you write grocery lists, adding their favorite item to the list.

11. Write words or numbers with chalk or paint with water on the sidewalk.

12. Play card or dice games. They reinforce numbers and math concepts.

Be creative. If you are having fun, your child will most likely be having fun too.

The most important idea is for children to realize that learning takes place at school

and at home. I hope some of these ideas help. Now go have some FUN!

Linda Johnson, Resource Teacher

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Sarah Crete-Craddock

Mrs. Crete-Craddock is a Paraprofessional that works in the STARS program here at Prairie View. In order to get to know Mrs. Crete-Craddock we asked her some questions about herself.

1. What did you do before coming to Prairie View? I worked in the STARS Pre-K/K program at Haskin.

2. Name one or two children's books that you would recommend that every child read? The Harry Potter Series and Dragon Loves Tacos.

3. What's the one most important thing that every teacher should know? That behaviors are communication.

4. Why did you choose the teaching profession? I have a son with autism and I have seen so much growth and talent blossom once he was given the tools to communicate and was encouraged to be more independent.

5. If you hadn't gone into education, what other career would you have considered? Social work is what my degree is in. I also used to be an EMT-P

6. What are your hobbies? Listening to music and spending time with my family.

7. What is your favorite snack? Ice cream. Always ice cream.

8. If you could have one wish in the world, what would it be? That there would never be a need for just one wish.

Welcome Mrs. Crete-Craddock!

Mrs. Padilla

Prairie View also welcomes Mrs. Padilla who is a Paraprofessional in the STAR program as well. We asked Mrs. Padilla some questions to get to know her better.

1. What did you do before coming to Prairie View? I was an infant/toddler teacher.

2. Name one or two children's book that you would recommend that every child read? The Monster At The End Of The Book, Planting A Rainbow, Jamberry and many many more!

3. What's the one most important thing that every teacher should know? Always treat children how you would want your children to be treated.

4. Why did you choose the teaching profession? I've always loved working with children and helping them develop and grow.

5. If you hadn't gone into education, what other career would you have considered? Rocking drug -addicted babies in a NICU.

6. What are you hobbies? Sewing, reading, gardening and fishing.

7. What is your favorite snack? Popcorn

8. If you could have one wish in the world, what would it be? If I could, I would put an end to child abuse and neglect.

Welcome Mrs. Padilla!

Mrs. Stahl

Prairie View has one more teacher to welcome. Last, but certainly not least, please welcome our new Third Grade Teacher, Mrs. Stahl.

1. What did you do before coming to Prairie View? I taught third grade in DeKalb. Prior to that I taught Office Systems at Kishwaukee College.

2. Name one or two children's book that you would recommend that every child read? My absolute two favorites are Matilda and Charlotte's Web.

3. What's the one most important thing that every teacher should know? Connecting with your students is essential.

4. Why did you choose the teaching profession? I love seeing kids get excited about learning.

5. If you hadn't gone into education, what other career would you have considered? Before I became a teacher, I was a Paralegal. I loved doing legal research.

6. What are you hobbies? Gardening and photography

7. What is your favorite snack? Chips and salsa.

8. If you could have one wish in the world, what would it be? That my children get to live long, happy and fullfilling lives.

Welcome Mrs. Stahl!

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