Tobacco:Bad To the Bones

By: Jevon Johnson

Social Consequences of Tobacco

  • Your friend will get exposed to second hand smoke.
  • Negative Peer pressure
  • Friend won´t want to be around you
  • Become addicted to it

The Effects of Tobacco

Health Risks

  • Cause lung cancer
  • Makes breath smell
  • Can cause cancer for the esophagus
  • Can cause can larynx cancer

The Dangers of Using Tobacco

Tobacco is very dangerous for your health. It can get your friends sick if their exposed to the stuff. Using tobacco is dangerous for your lungs and for the voice box. The lungs of your body cannot hold polluted air. So the smoke infects the lungs and causes the lungs to be infected with bad air.

Emotional risks of Tobacco

  • Can cause disrespect to others in words
  • The person may say a curse word