By: Iyana Bolton

History of Amazon

Amazon was first created on July 5th 1994, by a man named Jeff Bezos. He wanted to create a website to experience developing an internet business. He tried and tried to convince his boss that he could do it and it worked. He made a list of 20 products to sell such as CD’s and books, after a while he made the choice that books were going to be the main thing sold on the website. So when the website was created books were the first thing to be put onto the website. But the website was launched to the public a year after it was created. Jeff created this website because it was his dream to make his own company, it was risky but it worked out great for him.

About Jeff bezos

Jeff Bezos always wondered what it was like to own his own website, so as he got older he got a lot of good grades in school and in college so he was asked to work with a technology company. When he became more and more experienced with his job he wanted to create his own company on a website called Cadabra But as time changed he wanted to call it what we know to day Amazon.


The company was small to start out with and not a lot of people were there either. Jeff wanted to call the website “Cadabra” but it soon changed overtime to the name Amazon. Sence books were going to be the main thing sold on Amazon Jeff wanted to add more things like CD’s and electronic type things like the kindle Which was the first electronic product on Amazon. Now instead of books, CD’s and the kindle being sold there are a lot more things on amazon like Hoverboards, TV's, and PS4’s (etc.. ). It’s better now than it was before because its has more on it then it did before and it’s really nice because when we don't feel like driving to a store that can be a few miles away we can use Amazon.

Main Product

The main product for amazon was the kindle which was the first electronic item on amazon since amazon was mostly going to be made for selling books. The kindle is a I-pad type thing but smaller and only used for reading books and finding things on amazons website.As the kindle was becoming more and more popular More things were starting to be put on amazon like video games, and computers ( etc.. )
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Jeff Bezos started the company to complete his lifelong dream of having his own website. It's changed society because If we go to the store and look for a certain thing and it's not there with out amazon we may have had to go to store to store looking for it, while when we use amazon you can search the name and bam, you can order it and there it is. Amazon also uses some of the money that people use to buy things on the website for charities and they have tons and tons of charities each year. Life wouldn't be too different without amazon, but without amazon we wouldn't be able to get certain things as fast as we do, and we would have to go to store to store finding what we need.

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