The Fire Next Time

Divit and Danny

Main Arguments

1: Religion- How Baldwin felt that faith came from the person who cared for the other one,

2: Racism- How the colored man was seen as someone who was here in order to be used for labor.

3: Equality- The white man was seen as a superior being who was to guide the U.S to great heights.

Media Connection

This cartoon shows the truth about the sexual abuse occurring within the church and how at the time they're okay with it. Just like how Baldwin mentions that women are being exploited by men even in the church.

Rhetorical Devices

Imagery: Pg 78, Baldwin and Elijah exchange looks and are unable to understand what the other is trying to say as they are leaving.

Hyperbole: Pg 71, middle of page, Baldwin talks about how he cant find anything to relate to the whites with. So he finds some things in common with the Islamic culture and says that the colored should be able to be identified under some culture.

Paradox: Pg 97,Baldwin talks about how it is important for the whites and the blacks to be together for this country. If they are not a part of it, they will never be able to get past their differences