Memorial Cemetery

Mr. Oldham's Class

Year Established


Oldest Tombstone

Gertrude Saelinger Houser, 1788

Military Tombstone

Jacque Missier

There's is a description on the stone that says who he fought for.

He fought in the revolutionary war.

He died on August 20, 1834.

Child's Tombstone

Columbus McClenahan died when he was 3 months old.

His parents weren't the wealthiest of people, since he didn't have an extraordinary stone.

Tombstone of Person that was a similar age

Eliza Ste. Gemme Valle, was 20 when she died.

The most interesting Tombstone

The most interesting tombstone that I found was Jacob Roth's. The things that stood out most to me were, the beautiful scroll work and the shape of the stone was interesting.

Family Grave site

A family grave site that we found was the Scotts.

They were a family of five. Four of the members of the family could have died together, because there were four names on one one of the stones while there was only one on the other stone.

Sections of Cemetery

After looking in the cemetery, on of the distinct separations between the graves, is that there is a swale in the middle of the cemetery, which is where many Indians were buried.

The Community

After looking at some of the names in the cemetery, I have noticed that many of the families are still around, such as the Rosier's and Roth's.


While walking through the Cemetery, I did not notice any vandalism.

Work and Maintenence

The Cemetery is very well kept, the only thing that could be done is clean off the dirt and moss on some of the stones.

Types of Tombstones

I found many different types of Tombstones on our trip. Such as, a ground level headstone, and an example that is Catharine Adams's stone. Also, we found a pulpit headstone, and John Scott's stone is. In addition, I found an obelisk, an example of one is Caroline Baum's. Also, we found a cross vault, which Lewis Linn has. Finally, I found a bi-columnar