Mr. B's Bright Lights

The Sweetheart Dance was rockin!

Box Top Winners are Here!

Congratulations to the BoxTops winning class. Delaney Ackerson was absent but was the top contributor for her class. This is a monthly event and the individual winners receive a certificate and a fruit rollup. The winning family receives a Culver's Gift Card for their efforts. Thanks PTO!
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The way it works with winter gear at the Primary

  • Boots and snow pants are required if the student wants to play in the snow;
  • If the student stays on the blacktop and out of the snow, only boots are required and
  • If the student does not have boots or snow pants, he/she must stay near the wall of the school building.

The Presidents' Birthdays

Two of the most significant presidents of our country's history are celebrated this month. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln accomplished great things for our country. This would be a perfect time to provide the children with some insights into what these men accomplished, and the hard work it took to get there.

Lettuce be successful

Two teams consisting of members of the Principals Council, and the help of Kim Kuptz, tower garden guru, the growth of plants by hydroponics is happening right here in school. No matter how cold it is, the water (tonic) circulates and the grow lights come on at predetermined intervals. There will be some good salads for staff coming up soon.

Maker Space Special Notes

Cooperation, conversation, creativity, and collaboration make the makerspace a special venue to learn. Enjoy the day even more with these fun creations by our students.

All the things we can do with Cardboard

Our MakerSpace is a very busy place during the course of the week. With the days off we have had, the children have had to work extra hard to stay on schedule with their projects. Our second graders have been actively engaged in the production of their creations. Be sure to ask your children about this and plan on next Monday night, February 18th, to learn more about these cool creations.
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Mike Budisch

Here is a pic about our 4th graders involved in the their makerspace activity. You can have wonderful chats with your children when you ask them about this exciting hour of creativity, cooperation, collaboration and conversation.