Dr. B's IB Physics Class

This Week in IB Physics

This Week’s Standards & Activities

We have taken our understanding of motion to the next level of rigor and extended our understandings using experiments, graphing, and interpreting graphs. Our students are gaining mastery of the fundamental concepts and can apply them to many scenarios.

Upcoming Assessments

We will have a Quiz on Friday, September 16 on concepts of constant velocity and constant acceleration. It will cover different visualizations of motion - mathematical and graphical in both the x- and y- directions.

Grade Updates

The most updated grades will be posted by Monday, Sept. 19. Up until that time you will notice fluctuations in the grades. Thanks for your patience.

Tutorial Days and Hours

My tutorials are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45pm - 4:30pm. Students must remember to sign the Tutorial Log when they arrive. I am here to help! Let me know if you need to arrange a different time to accommodate your schedule.