Detective Hugo

By Darci, Renee, Rebekah and Tilly

Character Summary

Detective Hugo is a fairly confident man who knows what he wants to look for. He expects people to obey him and is very authoritative. He is extremely thorough and meticulous at his job in the way that he stays calm and makes sure every step necessary has been taken to find the murderer. Detective Hugo is very controlling and forceful when he acts and talks, he likes to make sure his opinion has been heard and understood. He is very well-accepted by society, this could be because he agrees with their 'system' and does his all to keep it going to protect the valids. Even though Hugo is a collected and professional man, he also seems to be extremely biased towards the invalids. He immediately suspected Vincent as the murderer simply because he was classified as an 'invalid', he didn't even consider a 'valid' because usually the violent tendencies have been removed. It was influential people like Hugo who kept the system so strict and convinced others to be against the 'invalids'.

Key Scenes

Taking blood from the vein, rather than the finger prick


  • Shows that he was a suspicious of the invalid race, wanting to rule out any invalids that were taking on a false identity. For example Vincent.
  • He is thorough with his job and very meticulous with the methods he uses, getting everyone at Gattaca to take a blood test from the vein, as you are unable to store someone else’s blood in your own veins
  • Det. Hugo wanted this blood sample to be taken because he believed that the in-valid was hiding. This caused Vincent a bit of trouble but he managed to overcome this, but it creates tension in the audience as to whether or not he will be caught this time.

At the party scene: Det. Hugo takes control and forces everyone into a panic.


  • This allows Vincent to escape without seeming over the top and give away his identity.

Det. Hugo discovered the saliva in the victims eye, and so solved the murder case.

  • Although he initially suspected the in-valid he ended up going back to the body and looking for more evidence. It is significant as it takes Vincent out of the firing line as the suspected murderer, and clears up the unsolved mystery


"Hello everyone, nice to see you. I am your detective for the evening. Please don't leave the premises. [people start scattering] I said please don't leave the premises. Am I speaking in some kind of strange foreign language?"

"Well... I guess we can rule out suicide"