Reform movements of the 1800's

By: Lucas Herron

Women's Rights

-In 1848, more than 300 women participated in a women's rights convention in Seneca falls, New York.

-Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott had both been ardent abolitionists.

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The Abolition

-1820's Abolitionist Movement to free African Americans from slavery arose.

-Leader was a white radical named William Lloyd Garrison.

-Frederick Douglass was an escaped slave that was against slavery, he wrote a book called, "The North Star".

-Nat Turner led a Rebellion called "Turner's Rebellion". Turner led 50 followers in a revolt killing 60 whites. He was caught and then executed.

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Educational Reform

-Education reformers wanted to improve public schools.

-The greatest reform leader in education was Horace Mann.

-Horace Mann established a number of things such as, teacher training programs, improved curriculum, doubled money Massachusetts spent on schools.

-1st Public University- UNC Chapel Hill (1795)

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-Temperance Movement is a movement to reduce the use of alcoholic beverages.

-Alcohol is linked to sickness.

-Poverty and breakup of families.

-The American Temperance Society was an organization whose purpose was to promote temperance while letting drunkards "die off and rid the world of an amazing evil".

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Mental Health Reform/Prison Reform

-Dorothea Dix was the greatest reformer for prisoners and the mentally ill.

-She wanted to create separate facilities for both.

-By the time of her death, 100 facilities were established in the US.

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