Arup Skills Networks

Maintaining agility in a changing world


Our environment is in a state of rapid change. Progress in the technological, climate, financial, demographic, geopolitical and financial spheres offer opportunities and challenges that large, traditional organisational hierarchies can have difficulty keeping up with.

At Arup, our communities of practice – or ‘Networks’ – allow us to quickly recognise and deliver services in response to these changes.

Adam Pope, from Arup University, will give a short presentation on how Networks currently operate at Arup, how they can help you win work, do your job, and advance yourself and Arup.

Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 at 12pm

The New York Meeting Room Amsterdam Office

12.00 - Amsterdam Office needs

12:10 - Introduction to Arup Skills Networks

12:15 - Networks on Arup People

12.15 - The Arup Discussion Forums

12.20 - The Newsfeed

12.25 - Bringing them together - Networks sites