By Mason

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Jeff Gordon is famous for racing in NASCAR when Jeffery was 4 years old he rode a BMX Bike.At age five he started racing.At age six he won 35 main events.In 1979 he won 51 quarter midget races.At age eleven he won all 25 of his karting races.At age twelve he got bored of cars.

Life Getting Famous

At the close of the 2013 racing season.Jeff had won 88 victories and 74 poles both third all time in NASCAR.His four championships occurred in 1995,1997,1998 and 2001.The no.24 Drive to end hunger team is ready to battle for the championship in 2014.With three years experience working together ,Jeff and crew chief Alan Gustafon are ready to take on the competition as they race for more wins and dominating the fifth championship.


Jeff gordons last race is going to be in miami also he has a logo that says DRIVE to end hunger.