By: Jonathan McGill


Welcome to the Philippines !

The Philippines is an archipelago of more that 7,000 islands and volcanic mountains and forest. Lava is great for our soil for agriculture. We are the only Christian country in Southeast Asia. 90% of our people are Roman Catholic so if your christian and you wanna go to Asia come visit us cause we practice the same religions as you. Also we have have Terraced fields which are strips of land cut out of a hillside like stair steps.

Philippines Slogan

"The magical land!!!!"

Georgraphy and Climate Philippines

The Philippines is a archipelago of 7,000 islands and volcanic mountains with forests. The Climate is tropical monsoon with high temperatures. Also a lot of rain with humid air's. There is two seasons a wet and a dry season. The seasons depend on the amount of rainfall.

That is a picture of a tropical monsoon

This picture was taken of the Philippines when a monsoon hit them.


This is a picture of only 100 islands that make up a little of the Philippines.


This picture is of a volcano is the Philippines which helps the filipinos out with their soil.

People & Culture

People of Philippines

The people of Philippines or Filipinos are the only Christian religion in Southeast Asia. 90% of Filipinos follow the Roman Catholic religion. The culture blends Malay,Spanish, and some American influences. Chinese is the second largest group in the Philippines. American's,Europeans,Indians,Japanese also live on the Philippines. 40% of Filipinos work by farming. Philippine food is a mixture of American, Chinese, Malay, and Spanish dishes. Most Filipinos wear clothes similar to some worn in most Western countries. Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines. Most houses in the rural areas stand close together in small spaces.