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Issue 30 - 24th April 2020

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Back in the swing of things!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It has been wonderful to see the children return back to school this week, not only have they been very happy, but also the teachers. A school is a very strange place without children on-site, and I have been so impressed in many ways of the resilience that they have exuded during this difficult period. Further, again, the support of the community has been greatly appreciated, which was shown in the PTA monthly meeting on Thursday. This was conducted both in real-time and over video conference, which proved very successful.

This week has been extremely busy, and in true BPS tradition, has provided children with great opportunities to excel. I have seen some great scientific concepts being investigated, from the requirements needed for plants to grow in Key Stage 1, to testing the force of friction and circuit alignment in Key Stage 2.

I would also like to thank the parents of Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes who participated in a Video Conference information session on Tuesday with Eowyn Cristfield, who is working closely with the section to support language provision moving forward in our younger year groups.

As you are aware, on Thursday, the BPS celebrated World Book Day. Reading, and the ability to read for a variety of reasons is a key concept within education, but the most important underlying ethos that we want to encourage is 'a love of reading.' Students showed this love of reading in the fantastic participation and support of the 'Favourite Character Dress' concept. Classes further showcased this with 'drop everything and read' sessions and the transformation of classroom doors around the school into the covers of well known books. I would like to thank all who have participated, it is evident that the BPS love reading!

Finally, I would like you to pay close attention to the important notices which are contained within this week's newsletter, particularly during this challenging time. Communication is critical, and we try to ensure that any changes in schedule are communicated as efficiently as possible.

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

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What a Wonderful World of Reading & Books (World Book Day - Thursday, 23rd April) - by Mr Michael Norris

What a lovely morning of books, enjoyment and above all, happy faces. After a week of remote learning, it was truly a joy to see so many of our children engaged with World Book Day; TOGETHER! LIVE!... and not remotely. Children and staff went to great efforts in dressing up as a book character. Lovely, creative costumes were to be seen. Thank you to parents for supporting this at home. This day certainly highlighted our children’s love for reading...in any language.

Children spent the morning engaging in book/reading activities. From turning classroom doors into giant book covers to dropping everything and reading, a lot of fun was had by all. Thank you too for donations for Room to Read. We collected a total of NTD 59,252. This money will be well used in assisting with stocking libraries and building literacy in developing countries.

World Book Day 2020

Technology Integration by Mr Craig Gamble

Our Y3 mathematicians used a new tool this week to literally lift their learning off of the page! During their studies of 3D Shapes the children were given Doodle Pens, which work as tiny portable 3D Printers, and were encouraged to turn 2D nets into 3D structures. I am sure you will agree from the pictures that this wonderful integration of technology into the maths curriculum certainly enhanced the learning taking place. Parents be prepared to be bombarded with requests for Doodle pens from your children!
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Year 5 Have Been Home Scientists - by Mr Tom Newman

This week, Year 5 returned from the home learning period and worked on an investigation into which objects conducted electricity as part of our unit on materials. Although it was great to be back in school and working with our friends on the experiment, it was just one of many investigations the children have completed recently, mostly during home learning! Kitchens were turned into laboratories as children investigated solubility with the help of Ms Wong in her apron, studied the effects of evaporation from the comfort of home and photographed reversible and irreversible changes using household objects. Well done to all the budding scientists and thanks for the support of parents in making the home experiments a success!
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Up-coming Assessments - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

Over the coming weeks the children will complete some of the external assessments we conduct in the academic year. Here is some information to better assist you.

We expect that results will be affected by the school closure but the data from the tests will provide useful data on what students have learnt and what gaps there are in learning. This will provide teachers useful data to plan learning and reduce the impact of the school closure as quickly as possible over the rest of term three.

All classes follow the same procedures whilst the Senior Leadership Team are offering additional help by being present as invigilators, which gives us a chance to be more connected with how the children complete these assessments.

Progress Test in Mathematics (PTM)

For PTM, this assessment comes in two parts: Mental maths, and Applying and Understanding maths. Mental maths questions are timed and played on an audio file. Applying and Understanding Maths questions are answered at the student’s own pace.

I am attaching a link with more details for PTM:


Progress Test in English(PTE)

For PTE, this will assess pupils’ technical English skills (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and reading comprehension. Here is a link with more details for PTE:


These tests are not shared outside of the school but is one piece used to inform teachers judgement when they make the final, end of year judgement on the Individual Learning Record.

Should you have any questions on this please do not hesitate in contacting Mr Stallwood (email: aidan.stallwood@tes.tp.edu.tw).

BPS PTA AGM - by Mr Luke Chaeter

Please be informed that on 11th June 2020 at 8.30am, the PTA will be hosting its annual general meeting. This meeting will review the actions which the PTA have completed, showcase the tremendous support and initiatives which have taken place during this challenging year, and elect the core members for the 2020-21 academic year.

英國小學部 家長會 年度常會

英國小學部 家長會 將於六月十一日早上8:30舉行家長會年度常會AGM。家長會於此次會議將檢視過這一學年的成果,以及回顧在這充滿挑戰的一年中,如何給予學校協助。當天,我們亦會投票選出2020-21年度的家長會成員。

Health and Well-being by TES Health and Wellbeing Team

In our next Health and Well-being newsletter we would like to hear from you and your families. We are looking for short submissions (all languages) about how you have been managing life since Covid19 came into our lives. Life can be messy and it's ok to know that we don't always get everything right and we can share with our community and learn from each other. We hope with this next newsletter to be able to share with you an insight into what we've all been doing, and perhaps make you smile just a little bit.

To share your submissions, please email tes.health@tes.tp.edu.tw by 10pm Sunday 26th April.

We're looking forward to hearing from you. Perhaps you've been doing something like this?

TES Health and Wellbeing Team

Counsellors, Librarians and Nurses


Friday Music Corner (24.04.2020)
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Please further be aware that the BPS is following all CDC social distancing protocols, and the use of masks on campus is mandatory until further notice. Exceptions to this may be any of the following:

  • Lunchtime (while eating only).
  • Outdoor PE activities when 1m distance can be guaranteed for the entire activity.
  • When teachers are working on their own in a classroom/office
  • During a lesson, for example singing, where 1.5m distance (indoors), and 1m distance (outdoors) can be guaranteed.



  • 午餐時間(進食中)
  • 戶外體育活動,活動時每個人保持一公尺的距離
  • 老師獨自在教室或辦公室時
  • 上課期間(例如歌唱時),室內1.5公尺或戶外1公尺的距離

May 1st - Labor Day

Please be reminded that Friday 1st May is a normal school day (no holiday), where learning will continue.


在此提醒大家,五月一日星期五 照常上課(非假期)。

Uniform Shop

Although access to the campus is limited during this current time, if you require uniform, please contact Ms Sophie Fong (email: sophie.fong@tes.tp.edu.tw)so that we can accommodate all uniform dress requirements. Staff are here to help - please ask, and we will support!


目前學校對於進入校園的人依舊進行控管,如您需要購買制服,請聯絡制服店封小姐 (email: sophie.fong@tes.tp.edu.tw,我們會協助您們購買制服。所有的職員都會盡全力的協助大家,有任何需要,請隨時與我們聯絡。

Pick up time

Please be aware of a very slight change to our end of day pick-up schedule

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 - 2.55pm

Year 2 to Year 6 - 3.10pm

As you can see, the older children can now be picked up five minutes earlier.






We are a large school, with over 1000 students at the EPC. As such, many families chose to drive their children to school. It has been noted that on occasion, the speed in which traffic passes the school by the childrens drivers is excessive. Please be careful, this is being monitored. Your children are our priority, reckless driving will not be tolerated!



Library Updates

Next week the library team will be outside the school gates collecting library books from parents. We will have two sessions - 7.30am-7.55am and 2.45pm - 3.15pm

We will only be collecting books. We will not be running a mobile library like we did before the spring break.

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BP PTA Meeting Minutes

“Yesterday the PTA held its first Zoom monthly meeting due to social distancing measures. It was very effective and a lot of issues were discussed. Please see the link below for the minutes from the meeting for more details.”

BP PTA Meeitng Minutes 20200423

BPS Parent Handbook 2019-2020

Shared herewith a book to your family. Please click the above link to open the book. Thank you