Mrs. Wooten's Wonders

4th grade JES January 8, 2015

Congratulations to Tanner Best: Student of the Week!

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Class Facebook Page

I encourage you to like our class Facebook page! [link below] Beginning Monday, January 11th, I will be posting a question on our class Facebook page. Parent's are encouraged to log on and post an answer to the question. Each student whose parent posts an answer will receive a point in our class dojo system daily. Stay informed! Be connected!

Upcoming Events

Next Week: Spirit Week

Family Game Night: Tuesday, Jan 12th

$1 PTO Ice Cream Sandwich Day: Friday, Jan15

JES Spirit Week

Next week will be Spirit Week for Girl's basketball. Games begin next Saturday! Good luck, girls!

Monday - Wig Day
Tuesday - Color Day by Grade level
K- Purple
1- Yellow
2- green
5- blue
prek- White
Neace- Gray

Wednesday - Western Day
Thursday - Holiday Day (Dress up for your favorite holiday)
Friday - Blue/White day

Spelling List #20

The Greek and Latin roots for this week are:

meter: to measure

photo: light

log: word

graph: write

geo: earth; ground

Students need to know the meaning of each root word!


We will continue our study of Science Chapter 6, Electricity. We will be doing a packet page daily with a quiz on the following Tuesday. Students will keep the packet in their homework folder throughout the week so they can review it daily to prepare for the quiz. It will be essential that students study for the quiz. The quiz is not easy!

Reading Vocabulary List #20

Our vocabulary list is the same as the Greek and Latin Roots spelling list. Students will need to know the meaning of the Greek and Latin Roots, the meaning of each word and how to spell them. List lists are available in Quizlet, NeuAnnotate and in the camera roll.


Monday: Spelling/Vocab, Math

Tuesday: Spelling/Vocab, Math

Wednesday: Spelling sentences, Math

Thursday: Spelling/Vocab

Friday: NO Homework

AR Goals

Students should be at 22% of their AR goal by Friday, January 15th.

Progress on goals can be checked by logging in to Ren Place Home Connect for the school website or by having your student pull up the last quiz taken from their AR bookshelf and look at the tops report.

New Printed ID's and Volunteer Procedures

It is extremely important that anyone who plans to attend a school field trip or visit the classroom return the CPS History form ASAP. The new ID program, Raptor, requires this form to be on file and in the security system. If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Contact information

Feel free to contact me at anytime with questions or concerns you may have regarding your student's education.