Cheatham Kindergarten Newsletter

"Every day is a chance to LEARN"

Dates to Remember

Sept 23-27- Book Fair

Oct 2- Fall picture Day

Oct 4- Cheatham's 10th year celebration 5:30pm (see below)

Oct 9- Walk/Bike to school day



Oct 28- Parent Teacher Conference Day (NO SCHOOL)

Oct 31- Storybook character dress up day

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Don't forget to join the Cheatham PTA and purchase your child's class field trip shirt! We will wear our class shirts on Mondays!

Note from the Art Teacher!

KDG Safety in the Cheatham Art Studio.

The Art Studio floor can be a very slippery surface.

To help prevent any accidents…

Please have your KDG student wear sneakers on art day.

Thank You!

Adopted Staff Members

Each classroom teacher has an adopted staff member that does not have a class. This allows all staff members to be celebrated on their birthdays. Please see the list below for which teacher your child's class has adopted and their birthday!

Scarborough- Mrs. Logan (Principal) April 29th

Aftosmis- Ms. Goree (Speech Teacher) December 5th

Dickson- Ms. Ahearn (SSI paraprofessional) January 17th

Nelson- Ms. Tang (ECSE Para) April 15th

Goodman- Mrs. Matthews (Secretary) March 28th


  • remember to check your child's red take home folder daily for special notes and behavior communication.
  • please keep a clean (weather appropriate) change of clothes in your child's backpack at all times for emergencies.
  • please pack your child's snack separate from their lunch.
  • practice tying shoes at home!
  • send water bottles with tight screw on lids.

English Language Arts & Social Studies

High Frequency Words: review

Letters: review

Handwriting: 3, 4, F, f, G,

  • I can read my non-fiction book like a teacher
  • I can sort capital and lowercase R S E
  • I can add to my writing by answering reader's questions
  • I can reread a book and share my thinking about it
  • I can ask questions before, during, and after I read to help me better understand
  • I can recognize the rhythm of a poem
  • I can recognize spoke alliteration or groups of words that begin with the same spoken onset or initial sound.

High Frequency words learned to date: I, see, like, a, to, the, am, my, an, can

Social Studies: Community Helpers & Celebrate Freedom Week


Unit 3: Generate, Compare, and Estimate Sets of 10

The students will...

  • The student is expected to generate a set using concrete and pictorial models that represents a number that is more than, less than, and equal to a given number up to 20.
  • Generate a number that is one more than or one less than another number up to at least 20.
  • Compare sets or objects up to at least 20 in each set using comparative language.
  • Use comparative language to describe two numbers up to 20 presented as written numerals.


Unit 1: Matter

The students will...

  • Observe and record properties of objects, including bigger or smaller, heavier or lighter, shape, color, and texture
  • Observe, record, and discuss how materials can be changed by heating or cooling

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