Cheatham Kindergarten Newsletter

"Every day is a chance to LEARN"

Dates to Remember




Oct 21-25- Red Ribbon Week! -see below for details

Oct 28- Parent Teacher Conference Day (NO SCHOOL)

Oct 31- Storybook character dress up day- See below for details

Nov 1- Field trip to Sci-Tech Discovery Center/Frisco Commons park

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Storybook Character Day!

Storybook Character Dress Up Day is on Thursday, October 31st. Students are invited to dress up in a costume as their favorite storybook character and bring the book that goes with it.

Here are suggestions for easy costumes!

· The Polar Express- Wear pajamas, robe and slippers.

· 101 Dalmations- Turn into a dog with construction paper “spots” on plain clothes and black paper ears.

· Clifford the Big Red Dog- Don a red sweatshirt, be Emily with a plain skirt, shirt, knee socks, and a stuffed dog.

· Waldo- Try a red and white striped shirt, a cap, and glasses.

· Harry Potter- Wear a black robe or old graduation gown.

· Fairy Tales- Be a pig, wolf, frog, witch, princess, or prince.

· Amelia Bedelia- Transform with a black dress and a white apron with pockets and a hat with flowers.

· Pecos Bill- Wear jeans, a flannel shirt, a cowboy hat, belt, and boots.

· Curious George- Don a yellow hat, yellow shirt, and yellow pants tucked into boots.

· Bad Case of the stripes- Try an oversized white t-shirt with stripes painted on face.

· Chicka Chicka Boom Boom- Wear letters put on a t-shirt.

· Fancy Nancy- Glam up with a dress and boa, beads, and hat.

· The Paper Bag Princess- Take a paper sack and cut out holes for the arms and head, and top with a paper crown.

Please choose characters that are appropriate for all ages. Characters that are scary, violent, or have weapons will be considered inappropriate. All costumes must all follow the Allen ISD dress code and code of conduct.


Don't forget to join the Cheatham PTA and purchase your child's class field trip shirt! We will wear our class shirts on Mondays!

Note from the Art Teacher!

KDG Safety in the Cheatham Art Studio.

The Art Studio floor can be a very slippery surface.

To help prevent any accidents…

Please have your KDG student wear sneakers on art day.

Thank You!

Adopted Staff Members

Each classroom teacher has an adopted staff member that does not have a class. This allows all staff members to be celebrated on their birthdays. Please see the list below for which teacher your child's class has adopted and their birthday!

Scarborough- Mrs. Logan (Principal) April 29th

Aftosmis- Ms. Goree (Speech Teacher) December 5th

Dickson- Ms. Ahearn (SSI paraprofessional) January 17th

Nelson- Ms. Tang (ECSE Para) April 15th

Goodman- Mrs. Matthews (Secretary) March 28th


  • remember to check your child's red take home folder daily for special notes and behavior communication.
  • please keep a clean (weather appropriate) change of clothes in your child's backpack at all times for emergencies.
  • please pack your child's snack separate from their lunch.
  • practice tying shoes at home!
  • send water bottles with tight screw on lids.

English Language Arts & Social Studies

High Frequency Words: up & for


Handwriting: h, I, i, J

  • I can talk like the characters using their exact words.
  • I can add details to my pictures and words
  • I can make my reading match the number of words on the page.
  • I can stretch sounds to spell the whole word.
  • I can use words to join the pages together.
  • I can recognize rhyme in a poem.
  • I can sort pictures by their beginning sounds and match each sound with the letter that names it.
  • I can tell how my thinking changes from beginning to end.

High Frequency words learned to date: I, see, like, a, to, the, am, my, an, can, and , at, up, for

Social Studies: Basic wants and needs


Unit 4: Count, Read and Write Sets to 20

The students will...

  • The student is expected to count forward and backward to at least 20 with and without objects.
  • Read, write, and represent whole numbers from 0 to at least 20 with and without objects or pictures.
  • Count a set of objects up to at least 20 and demonstrate that the last number said tells the number of objects in the set regardless of their arrangement or order.
  • Recognize instantly the quantity of a small group of objects in organized and random arrangements.
  • Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas.


Unit 2: Energy

The students will...

  • Use the senses to explore different forms of energy such as light, thermal, and sound
  • Record and organize data and observations using pictures, numbers, and words
  • Use the senses as a tool of observation to identify properties and patterns of organisms, objects, and events in the environment
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