Cheatham Kindergarten Newsletter

"Every day is a chance to LEARN"

Dates to Remember

2/14 Classroom Valentine exchange

2/17 NO SCHOOL President's day

2/18 NO Visitors at lunch

2/19 NO Visitors at lunch

2/20 NO Visitors at lunch

3/4 Spring Picture Day!

3/5 Open House 4:30-6pm

3/9-3/13 NO SCHOOL Spring Break!

3/20 Dallas Zoo Field trip

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  • remember to check your child's red take home folder daily for special notes and behavior communication.
  • please keep a clean (weather appropriate) change of clothes in your child's backpack at all times for emergencies.
  • please pack your child's snack separate from their lunch.
  • practice tying shoes at home!
  • send water bottles with tight screw on lids.

Adopted Staff Members

Each classroom teacher has an adopted staff member that does not have a class. This allows all staff members to be celebrated on their birthdays. Please see the list below for which teacher your child's class has adopted and their birthday!

Scarborough- Mrs. Logan (Principal) April 29th

Aftosmis- Ms. Goree (Speech Teacher) December 5th

Dickson- Ms. Ahearn (SSI paraprofessional) January 17th

Nelson- Ms. Tang (ECSE Para) April 15th

Goodman- Mrs. Matthews (Secretary) March 28th

English Language Arts & Social Studies

High Frequency Words: big, that, all

Letters: review

Handwriting: review

  • I can figure out a word by thinking about what's happening and saying the beginning sound.
  • I can name and sort capital and lowercase letters Yy, Zz, Vv.
  • I can sort pictures by beginning sounds Yy, Zz, Vv.
  • I can study mentor texts and imitate what the author did.
  • I can talk to my readers by using "you" in my writing.
  • I can develop handwriting by printing words, sentences, and answers legibly leaving appropriate spaces between words
  • I can ask questions before, during, and after I read to help me better understand
  • I can figure out a word by blending beginning sounds.
  • I can pictures and words to help me learn what a word means.
  • I can make connections when reading or listening to a poem.

High Frequency words learned to date: I, see, like, a, to, the, am, my, an, can, and , at, up, for, we, me, go, no, it, is, in, look, here, this, come, will, they, you, are, do, what, he, she, said, big, that, all

Social Studies: George Washington


Unit 9: Compose and Decompose

The students will...

  • The student is expected to recognize instantly the quantity of a small group of objects in organized and random arrangements.
  • Compose and decompose numbers up to 10 with objects and pictures.
  • Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas.


Unit 6: Living and Non-Living

The students will...

  • Differentiate between living and nonliving things based upon whether they have basic needs and produce offspring.
  • Examine evidence that living organisms have basic needs such as food, water, and shelter for animals and air, water, nutrients, sunlight, and space for plants.