Pearl S. Buck Elementary

September 8, 2017

Upcoming Dates

September 13th - PTO meeting. 7:00 PM in the Pearl Buck library.

September 18th - Celebrate Constitution Day. Wear Red, White and Blue!

September 28th - School Pictures. Order forms will be sent home about one week prior to picture day.

Hurricane Relief

With the recent storms drastically affecting Florida and Texas, Pearl Buck is investigating several options to help support the needs of schools and students in the impacted areas. In addition to encouraging you to support your preferred charity, we will focus on efforts that will assist a specific school(s) and their students. We have also reached out to the Red Cross regarding a blood drive later this year. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

PTO Spirit Shirts & Design Contest

Did you know each grade level at Pearl Buck is represented by a different colored t-shirt? These "Spirit Shirts" help us to recognize our students during field trips and identify grade-levels during school-wide activities such as the Race for Education and Field Day. Each child will be receiving one shirt at no cost (just one benefit and outcome of our successful fundraising efforts!) Please be sure to complete the size/order form and return ASAP so that we can properly fit your child with a shirt.

Information regarding the Spirit Shirt Design contest was sent home recently. If your child is interested in submitting a design, please be sure to adhere to the submission deadline.

PTO Kindergarten Rep Needed

If interested, please contact PTO President Elaine Shubin at

Parent University: New Progress Reports

The progress reports used in Neshaminy elementary schools are changing for the 2017-2018 school year. The district will be offering four informational sessions to allow parents and guardians the opportunity to learn about these changes in person and have their questions answered. In addition, a video of this presentation will be recorded and shared with our elementary school families for those that cannot attend. The remaining dates are:

  • Tuesday September 19, 2:30 pm, Maple Point Middle School District Board Room
  • Tuesday September 19, 6 pm, Maple Point Middle School Auditorium

Presenters: Peg Monahan, Supervisor of STEM K-12 and Bob Boffa, Supervisor of English Language Arts & Literacy K-12

Be Allergy Aware!

Due to varied allergy and dietary needs, please contact your child's teacher before sending in food or other items intended to be distributed to students in a classroom (e.g. birthday celebrations, class parties). Students should not share food at any time during school - even with a close friend. A seemingly harmless food item may unexpectedly contain allergens, or interact with other medical conditions. Depending on the health needs within a classroom, teachers may choose to avoid food-oriented experiences altogether. Please consider non-food treats as an alternative. Please speak directly with your child's teacher. Do not send in any items until the teacher has responded and confirmed the appropriateness of your request. Thanks!

Can You Read Me Now?

If you know of a Buck family who did not receive this newsletter, please have them email the principal, Brian Kern, at

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

All student drop-off and pick-up by parents and family members occurs in our upper lot. Only school buses and other marked vehicles marked are permitted to load and unload students in the lower lot. In addition, please be sure to stay in the line of traffic. Passing the vehicle in front of you adds to congestion and creates an unsafe situation.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Did you know?....

  • Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.
  • Cockroaches can live for several weeks with their heads cut off, because their brains are located inside their body. They would eventually die from being unable to eat.
  • Scientists have tracked butterflies that travel over 3,000 miles.
  • To produce a single pound of honey, a single bee would have to visit 2 million flowers.