Warren Middle School

Get involved!


The purpose of choir is to learn to sing correctly. All choir students have the option of having a big or little sister. Your choir class will become your best friends, because there are only about twenty-one students in 7th grade choir. If you join choir in the 7th grade, you get to take tons of fun trips including the following: Christmas caroling, UIL, and Solo and Ensemble. Finally, you can access a lot of opportunities that you cant anywhere else! (You can still audition for the musical!)

National Junior Honor Society

The purpose of National Junior Honor Society is to get volunteer hours by helping the community. You can get lots of volunteer hours. You have a better chance of getting into National Honor Society in high school; It looks good on your college application. The only challenging part is: is that you must have good grades.

Musical Theater

The purpose for musical theater is to learn how to dance and sing in a musical. You make new friends in this class. You can have a big or little sister. You have tons of fun. Lastly, the only challenge is that you have to change your shoes everyday which could make you late to your next class.

Read Aloud Lunch

The purpose of going to read aloud lunch on Mondays is to read a good book with a group of people. This is a teacher-led activity. You make new friends in the process of reading. You are in the library ,which is much quieter than the cafeteria. You also get to add the book that you read during lunch to your goal. The only challenging part is: you have to walk a little bit farther to get back to class which could make you late.

Student Aide

The purpose of being a student aide is to be helpful to your former teacher. You get to be around the 7th graders and help them learn. You get to spend time with your old teachers; you can also get free time if there is a substitute. The only challenging part is: you must be in 8th grade and you have to go to completely different hallway to that class.