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La Bella Baskets

Are you tired of working hour by hour and never building up anything to last you and your family? When you begin your own business, you are not just working for today; but you are also working for tomorrow.

La Bella Baskets is a simple program.

There are...

* No kits to purchase

* No products to purchase

* No collecting money

* No large investment

* No merchant accounts

* No inventory

* No deliveries of gift baskets

* No employees

This business is like a franchise but we don't pay franchise money

La Bella Baskets is NOT mlm or network marketing

* We are paid on one level

* We get rewarded when our team member (on our first level) sells gifts

* We earn residual income from:

  • our referrals
  • candle of the month membership
  • LBB savers club membership

This is a business and as most legitimate businesses, there is an investment. The good news is that business will not cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. We simply have a small overhead of $24.95 an annual fee of $19.95 and that's it. During the month of August, the annual fee of $19.95 is waived!! Check out other home based businesses and this is inexpensive!

We have the best of both worlds.

* We can earn residual income, commission and leadership bonuses

We earn income 5 ways

1. Gift Basket sales--earn commission and bonuses

2. Candle of the month membership--earn commission and residual

3. LBB Savers Club membership--earn commission and residual

4. Referral Program--earn commission and residual

5. We also earn bonuses when we move up in the company

The market is wide open.

* We are the ONLY company offering this affordable opportunity to people

Visit my website to learn more about this great opportunity!