Team Awesome

March 24-28

Language Arts

This week in ELA, we'll begin an in-depth study of poetry and the poets who create it. Then, after a thorough investigation, we'll become poets ourselves. Students will also end the week with a clear picture of their independent reading expectations for this final grading period.
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Social Studies

We are finishing our unit on European History. Our Test is Thursday.

Our auction for students who participated in Market Night will be Friday Afternoon.


Regular Math: We will complete learning all of our statistics standards this week. Part 1 of our test will be on Thursday of this week.

NO MATH MAINTENANCE THIS WEEK...LOOK FOR THE UNIT REVIEW STUDY GUIDE. This should be completed by Wednesday of this week.

Advanced Math - Statistics test is postponed until Wednesday and Thursday of this week. We will review Monday and Tuesday.

POW: There will be no POWs for this unit.


We will be finishing up our unit on the Earth, moon, and sun this week. Students will be looking at models of phases of the moon, eclipses, rotation, revolution, neap and spring tides.

The summative assessments for the Earth, moon, sun unit will be this week on the following days:

Thursday March 27th: Performance Task

Friday March 28th: Unit Test