*Room 207*

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Welcome back from another beautiful weekend, I hope you were able to spend some time in the nice weather!

The "Nifty Fifties" play performance is approaching us, and parent volunteers are needed. Follow this link to sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gBX2Rv_rAWMwMBVelg2-lUm7uCHn_JeEWe2kBBXIXHQ/edit#gid=0

Here is a list for areas where help is needed:


Photo/DVD sales


Set painting

Backstage/dressing rooms



Break down/clean up

Report Cards: Report cards went home Friday in manilla envelopes with student names on the front. Please sign and go over these, I spent time to write comments about your child in the ELA section of the report card. These comments apply to your child's overall school performance for this quarter, areas of strengths and areas that need some work. If you would please send these back to school, I would appreciate it! I am going to be having students fill out goal setting worksheets this week sometime, so if you would like to go ahead and begin helping your children get some ideas about what they would like to work on this fourth quarter, that would be a fabulous head start!

English Language Arts (ELA): This Tuesday, 4/12/16, a British poet by the name of Jane Clarke will be coming to Claxton to work with third graders on poetry and to help us celebrate National Poetry Month! We took a brief nature walk on Friday where we recorded thoughts, smells, observations, sounds, etc. about the spring vegetation around our building. I am hoping that this activity will serve as a starting point for students when beginning their poetry writing with Jane. If you would like to purchase her book, you will get a 20% discount, just follow this link: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1101402319630&ca=1fbcf6aa-4dce-427d-85c9-4963fb95552a

Math: This week we are launching math stations and I am hopeful this system will work out for the best in regards to covering new concepts and practicing previous ones. I will also be able to hold small group lessons and work more closely with students who are in need. We will continue our studies in fractions, specifically working with fractions greater than 1 whole on the number line and equivalent fractions.

Study Skills: Starting this Friday, 4/15/16, we will begin "Study Skills" lessons with Mark Ackerman. This will last for 6 weeks, one hour long lessons each Friday. He will help our class with organization, focus skills, prioritizing, skills to help with testing anxiety, etc. This will be great for the kids since the EOG is approaching us!

Breakdancing Class!~ Coach Swain and Mrs. Rigsby have put together such an amazing opportunity for the third graders! Last Monday the kids began their breakdancing classes. This replaces P.E. on Monday's for us and Drama on Wednesday's. Students need to come to school with close toed shoes, preferably sneakers so they can get their dance on in the safest way possible!

A few more things:

-Big shoutout to parents who have donated snacks to our room, the kids love to have snack!

-Thanks to those of you who donate supplies to our room as well!