Shatter Me

By: Kira Leigh Bible

Brief Description

In this book, Tahere Mafi captured the attention of the reader and expressed feelings and emotions through such simple words. The book explains the author's life in such a different way. This book is a real page turner, read it and enjoy the life of Juliette and her long lost love, Adam along with the problems they face in the story.
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Juliette is alone with her thoughts, a small notebook, and a broken pen in a mental asylum. she is alone and keeps count of every second of every day. it is an ordinary day when she hears about a new roommate she will be getting soon. she practices what to say and tries to turn her thoughts into words. when they meet, she recognizes him and tries to keep her distance from him because of her secret. a dark secret that has been haunting her for her whole life. her roommate, Adam tries to get as close as he can to Juliette and make her feel safe, before she has to leave.


Adam, being an undercover soldier, works for a man named Waren, who has a deep passion for Juliette. but what Waren doesn't know will hurt him later in the story when Juliette and her love Adam find the answer to the secret Juliette has been trying to hide for her whole life.


Juliette and Adam find a new "safe place" to hide from Waren and his soldiers. After Adam being captured and almost killed earlier in the story, Juliette is more careful and keeps a close watch on Adam and his little brother, James. Alone the way they find new friends with the same "secrets" as her. Juliette, now feeling she is not the only one in the world who has to deal with a problem such as hers, feel welcome, and wants to use her special secret for the good of others with her friends at this new place they have journeyed to find.