Elementary Principals Monday Memo

May 16th 2016


As you have a little bit of time to unwind this summer, I would encourage you to take some time and reflect upon your own beliefs as a leader (and write them down). I think that without a doubt, one of the differences that separates good leaders from great leaders is that great leaders align their beliefs with their actions. This is much easier said than done! When we are successful in doing this, the alignment will be so clear that even those that we lead should be able to articulate what we believe, because our actions have allowed them to see if for themselves. I would challenge each and everyone of you to consider how you can better align your beliefs and actions throughout the 2016-17 school year!

Spring Assessments

As we wrap up the school year, please be sure that all assessment information (AIMS and F and P) have been entered. As with every year, it is important that both our buildings and district have an accurate picture of how our students have progressed throughout the year. I always appreciate your assistance with this!

Grade Cards for K-3 Science

Great news!! The K-3 Science section of the grade card next year WILL reflect the new Missouri Learning Standards. Grades 4-5 will reflect the current Missouri Learning Standards .We will have teams of teachers working on the IAG's this summer and should have those out to K-3 teachers prior the beginning of the year.

STEM Design Challenges and Activities

THANK YOU so much to you and your teachers for giving this a try! As STEM exploration becomes more and more important to the successful future of our students and our country, engaging students in this type of work can be an incredible experience for them. While it can certainly be stressful at the end of year, it is also a great way to keep kids engaged and excited in the process of learning during a time of the year that is not so easy to do so! I am looking forward to this becoming even bigger next year!

This is my last MM for the 2015-2016 School Year!!!!!!!!

Upcoming Dates

June 9th - Elementary Principal meeting @ 1:00