Enhancing Classroom Instruction

with Brandon Lutz & Mark Perlman



8:30 - Out of the box exploration and Setup

9:00 - Deeper dive into Settings using differentiated groups

9:45 Break out groups

11:15 Large Group

11:30 Lunch

12:45 - Break out sessions

2:30 - App Smackdown

3:00 - Close

8:30 - Out of the box exploration and Settings?

Do you have your Apple ID? If not, lets get you one. Let us know.

9:00 - Survey and Deeper Dive

Explorer - New to the iPad, walk me through every step

CLU - I think I know what I am doing

Comfy - I have an iPad/iPhone and want to learn more advanced skills

Know it all - I know more than you and should be leading this PD

Click here to take a tiny survey!

Explorer & Clu with Mark

Comfy and know it all with Brandon

9:45 Break out Groups

Independent Station - Back of Room!

Go to the Nearpod link https://app.nearpod.com/#/?pin=QHIUA and learn and complete questions about the SAMR model!

Mark Station

Join Mark in room F left side looking at the screens





Brandon Station

Join Brandon in room G right side looking at the screens



dotepub - Go to this link for step by step directions. - Video



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11:15 - Large Group

Lunch 11:30

Break Out Sessions 12:45

Big image

Group A Mark

Explorer and Know it all

Group B Brandon

Student Response: Brandon

Digital Storytelling Tools

Whiteboard Replacement

Whole Group - 2:30 pm

Share what they learned - Notes


Airplay concepts

  • Airserver

  • Apple TV

  • Reflector

Uses for the classroom brainstorm and share ideas

App Attack Smack Down

Brandon Lutz

Technology Applications Specialist at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit

Founder of 60in60

Vice President of PAECT

Program chair of the PETE&C conference

Mark Perlman

Retired Technology Integration Specialist

Office of Educational technology

School District of Philadelphia

DEN STAR - DENny Award Legend Award

PAECT Advocacy/Legislative Representative

Keystones Technology Innovator Staff

ISTE 2015 Workshop Co-Chair