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St. Therese Weekly Newsletter - September 11, 2020

Where there's smoke...

The air is heavy, our hearts are heavy, and it feels like we just can't catch a break.

This week, the joy of seeing our families filled our hearts, even as the sky above us filled with the smoke of a hundred fires burning along the west coast. Our families are impacted; some evacuating, some worried about family and friends evacuating, all of us worried about our communities.

In an effort to take care of our community of staff, students, and families, we will be delaying this start of school until Wednesday, September 16th. This means that there will NOT be any live classes with teachers until that time. Staff have been directed to work from home, preparing for the start of school. I know how much planning is happening in each home - I realize the impact this has on our families. My goal is to make decisions early and communicate clearly so that we are all united and together in this process.

We will continue to experience changes and adjustments at the last minute, and while we ask for God's grace, we need to give that same grace to each other. This is a trying time, and everyone is carrying around burdens beneath the surface that we can't see - please treat each person you meet gently, and with extra kindness. 19 years ago we experienced tragedy as a nation that many of us had never experienced before; we hold those families in our hearts today as well.

Our Ethiopian brothers and sisters are celebrating their new year today - we pray that this new year will bring peace and light to their families!

Your teachers and all of the St. Therese staff are praying for you, and for our community. We are hopeful that this too shall pass, and are confident in our faith that with God all things are possible. Turn to Him during this time, and pray to our Holy Mother for Her wisdom and grace. We look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

With prayers for God's blessing on you all,

Rosemarie El Youssef

Principal, St. Therese School

Welcome Week EXTENDED! September 8th - 18th

In order to get everyone organized and ready for the new year, St. Therese will be hosting a Welcome Week during the first week of school.

We had conferences this week - it was so incredible to see all of your faces (at least from the eyes up!) and have an opportunity to connect in person.

Click here for Welcome Week Activities!

We look forward to our first Drive-thru pickup on September 18th from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

The Welcome Week smore link will continue to update with activities for you and your family to participate in. We apologize for the gap in activities yesterday - it got a little wild with all the smoke.


Please check out the links below, or visit our website and click on the "COVID-19 Updates" tab at the top to read the latest news about school this fall.

Some details:

September 16th - 18th: 1st week of regular classes

Students will log in and follow their regular schedule of classes. School staff will be in the building to assist students and their families as needed.

September 28th: Begin limited in-person instruction with small groups

We will delay the start of limited in-person instruction due to the delay in the start of school, and the uncertainty of air quality.

We are permitted to bring students into their classrooms in groups of no more than 10, for no longer than 2 hours each day. This time will be used to build connections with teachers and peers, receive learning support, and participate in hands-on learning experiences.

St. Therese School-Age Learning Program (daycare) - will NOT be opening

Our application was denied because the rules changed, and we are not allowed to have this program running while distance learning is in progress. The rules may have changed due to the volume of schools requesting this license, but we will monitor and if it changes again we will reapply.

New ODE Dashboard

ODE’s Ready Schools Safe Learners Page

COVID-19 Rates by County

Oregon Health Authority – epi curve

Update: Uniforms are optional during distance learning

Thank you to all who reached out to share your thoughts on uniforms. The decision comes after considering the intention of uniforms, and their place in the distance learning model. We can achieve structure and normalcy in many other ways, so that's where we will put our energy - feelings are too mixed right now for this to be beneficial to our community.

When we return to a hybrid or in-person model, uniforms will be required. During limited in-person learning, students are not required to attend in uniform.

An updated parent handbook will be included in next Wednesday's newsletter, and it will include an updated student code of dress.

School Office Hours - changes in procedure due to COVID-19 safety measures

The school office is open from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m each day. We love it when families drop by, but when the school-year begins we will need to be more careful about how we meet with you.

Effective Monday, August 31st please call ahead if:

* You need to meet with a staff member (Rosemarie, Penny, teachers, etc.)

* You need to pick something up, or drop something off (materials, payment, etc.)

If you are in the parking lot, please just call us from your cell phone, if you can and we will accommodate you if we can safely do so. We will do our very best to meet your needs and appreciate your cooperation as we work to keep our students and staff safe.

SCRIP Update

While we will NOT be selling Scrip as a fundraiser this year, we have some left over that we would LOVE to sell you:

Barnes & Noble $25 gift cards x 7

Hong Phat $25 gift cards x 12

Regal Cinemas $10 gift cards x 25

Land's End $25 gift card x 1

Call the school or email elyoussefr@stthereseschool.org if you'd like to come by and purchase some!

Big picture

School Supplies

While we will never turn away donations of supplies, we pared down our supply lists to reflect what students will need during our comprehensive distance learning - the items needed for at-home learning are highlighted in yellow. School supplies are generally less expensive this time of year, but maybe stores will have a "back to school sale" when we are REALLY headed back to school later this fall!

Each grade has their own list and it is COMPLETE. You only have to download or print the list for your child's grade.