Attention Keller Realtors®

A call to action! Your vote in Keller is Critical

Please help defend our reputations and our business in Keller

Fellow Realtor®

As Keller Realtors, we are addressing several issues that are very concerning to us and our businesses. We would not ask for your attention, if it were not absolutely critical to all of Keller.

We are all enjoying a hot market in and around Keller, but things may be about to change, where Keller is concerned.

Two years ago, when Debbie Bryan was elected, a battle was created dividing North Keller from South Keller in an attempt to control lot sizes. A special interest group is demanding that Keller only build on large lots (8 tenths of an acre, minimum) and is attempting to enforce that will, regardless of the result.

This battle has caused many, long reaching consequences:

  • Keller’s reputation as a “business friendly” community has been severely damaged.

  • High quality commercial and residential developers are no longer bringing projects to Keller because of the disrespectful attitude that awaits them.

  • Without high quality development, we cannot attract those businesses that attract higher end home buyers. Growth is a major factor in whether or not businesses locate in Keller.

The world as we knew it has dramatically changed in just two short years. What was a great place to do business has now been turned into a place where developers are no longer wanting to bring quality projects to Keller.

The city council has created an environment of rigid rules that will affect our client’s property values and we, as real estate professionals should be concerned if not worried.

That environment has also caused The City of Keller to lose 11 out of 14 executive level directors, with two more searching for positions elsewhere.

Keller has the largest concentration of Realtors® of any city in the MetroTex Association of Realtors® and in past elections, Keller Realtors®, for the most part, have not gone to the polls to have their voices heard.

We are being vilified as our only interest in selling real estate in Keller is to "take the money and run", but there is no consideration given to what we do and how we benefit Keller. We live here and spend those hard earned commission in Keller.

We have not really had any big issues, but now we do. Our ability to do business in Keller will be affected if growth is artificially ground to a standstill.

Please join us in supporting these candidates for Keller City Council. Mitch Holmes, Place 1 and Armin Mizani, Place 5.

Early voting is going on now through May 5, with the general election being held May 9. Our business in our town depends on it.

Steve Trine, Keller resident and former Broker/Realtor®

Sarah Boggus, Realtor®

Jackie Black, Broker/Realtor®