iPad for CATS

make your cat play and help science!

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Cat participants needed for a psychology study!

Have you ever seen a cat playing a “catch the mouse” game on the iPad? Psychologists from the University of Amsterdam will use this type of game to test cats' hunting skills! Our experiment will measure cats’ skill at catching a virtual mouse. This research will help us understand whether cats, just like humans, have complex cognitive skills.

We are looking for cats eager to participate in our experiment!

Cats who take part will help advance scientific research on cat psychology. We guarantee lot of fun, plus a little surprise for your four-legged, furry friend!

Help us!

If you’d like to participate, please contact us:


Dr M. Kret, Dr M. Gocłowska, Ms B. Romano

Department of Psychology

University of Amsterdam

Weesperplein 4

1018 XA Amsterdam

The Netherlands