Heinrich Himmler


Family/personal history

Born: October 7 1900, Germany

Died: may 23 1945

Spouse: Margarete Boden

Siblings: Gebbard Ludwig Himmler (older brother)

Ernst Hermann Himmler (younger brother)

Children: Gudran (8 August 1929)

Helge (5 February 1942)

Nanette Dorothea (20 July 1944)

Activities in 1930's

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 1930 at 9pm


1925-1930 – propaganda leader for Nazis

1929 – Hitler asked him to create a unit (SS)

1930 – Elected to Reichstag as Nazi deputy, spent time expanding the SS. 1933 = 52,000 men

January 1933 – taking control of German police forces

Relationship to Hitler and involvement in WWI and WWII

He was Hitler's personal bodyguard

January 1918, officer training with 11th Bavarian infantry regiment (WWI)

Reich leader of Nazi party from 1929-1945

2nd most powerful man in Germany during WWII

What happened to them after the war?

May 23rd, 1945 he committed suicide one day after being caught by the British