Stop Cyber bullying

Criteria 7.1


Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology and phone

Examples of cyber bullying

  1. Cyber bullying on Facebook , YouTube , texting and playing online ps3 or. Xbox 360
  2. Rumors sent by texting or technology has being put on socialing networking picture , videos
  3. Send in bad email to people death threats .

Examples of non cyber bullying

  1. Non cyber bullying means telling people to give money and telling them to do their homework.
  2. Picking on people because there look funny or have a disorder.
  3. Picking on people that are small or they are fat or they are Tall.
  4. Bully's make the people to give them Food.
  5. Bullying is ongoing, and it doesn't stop until other people are involved. There are bad consequences to bullying.
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