Westwood Weekly

Week of May 4, 2020

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Updates from Nurse Korpi

Hi there everyone.

I have a few YouTube links to pass along for you all to view. The first one has been posted by a nurse and she wants to illustrate the importance of washing your hands to decrease the spread of germs. There have been a lot of people wearing gloves when they are out in the community. What you may not realize is that the gloves can transmit germs that you are touching in your environment. This is called cross contamination. Hand washing is still the most important step that we can take to keep us as well as our loved ones healthy. The second video is a funny hand washing parody. We all have been taught to wash our hands and not to touch our face. This will hopefully give you a laugh in this uncertain time. We will get through this! I miss you all and I can't wait to see you all again soon!

This nurse demonstrates the dangers of cross contamination while wearing gloves l GMA Digital
The Epic Hand Washing Parody

Telehealth Counseling Services Available

The Covid-19 pandemic has created significant stress and negatively affected many people’s mental health. For those dealing with existing mental health issues, the stress brought about by the pandemic and changes to our daily lives, can exacerbate issues individuals may be struggling with. The NICE Child & Adolescent Health Center, operated by the Marquette County Health Department, is currently offering mental health services through telehealth. This allows us to provide continuous services to those students already receiving services, as well as provide support to students who may be impacted by the challenges we are currently facing. Telehealth services will be offered throughout most of the summer, to assist with social distancing guidelines. If you’d like to see if telehealth is the right fit for your student, please call and talk with us about their needs (485-1023 ext 3). Additional information can be located on the District website under the Health Resources tab.

Jamie Dieterle, LMSW, CAADC

Updates from Mrs. Halamka

9th-11th Graders: Public colleges and universities in Michigan are hosting a FREE virtual college fair May 5th-7th. Sign up using this link. This is typically a fair done in person, in the Lower Peninsula, so in this instance, we are lucky to have it offered virtually!

11th Graders: If you're planning on attending college after high school, now is a great time to do some research on colleges and universities. Many institutions are amending their policy to "test-optional," which means that you do not have to achieve a certain SAT or ACT score for admittance. Our neighbors at NMU have already made this change, along with Michigan State University and many more!

If you are planning on enlisting in the military, now is also a good time to talk with recruiters (virtually, of course). If you need help contacting any of them, please let me know. I'll get you their contact information so you can reach out.

12th Graders: If you are attending college next year, you'll need to start making your decision on where you will be attending. This includes paying an enrollment deposit (unless you qualify for a waiver), AND letting the other schools to which you've applied know that you will not be attending. You can usually do this online, through your application account, but you can also call or email the admissions office.