Tim berners-lee

born 8th june 1955

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all about him

Tim Berners-Lee is known as one of the best scientist in the 20th century he created one the things we use every day to communicate with friends and family, find out information ,and many more things it is known as the world wide web!He was born on the 8th of june 1955 in London.As he got older he was educated at oxford university and studued physics this was what led him in to being a software engineer.In 1980 whilst working in CERN he built a prototype called enquire.In 1984 he returned back to CERN AND BY 1989 he published a paper called information Management created the world wide web.After that he made the worlds first website, web browser and editor and gave users an instruction guide for making there own websites. As of now he works as a director of the consortium and a senior research scientist.

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