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"No better method has ever been devised for reaching the dweller in the country. The book goes to the man, not waiting for the man to come to the book." that what Mary Titcomb said. (founder of the first U.S. bookmobile).
Inspired by reports of small mobile libraries in 19th-century England, librarian Mary Titcomb launched the first bookmobile in the United States at the turn of the 20th century. Titcomb's goal was to extend the reach of the Washington County Free Library in Maryland by starting a book transport system to rural communities. She developed a horse-drawn library wagon to send boxes of books to nearby general stores and post offices. By 1904, 66 deposit stations had sprung up to dispense books throughout the county. In 1912, the first motorized bookmobiles were born, and they transported books not only to rural areas, but also to local schools and senior centers.
in this library have 700,000 books.

Library Arab sector

Book and library center in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture
The first mobile library established in 2009/10 for the Arab sector.
Mobile library began operations in the first year of the Negev Bedouin communities such as Alhora, ...
The library includes 4500 books.
In the "March of quality works for 2012" was a project "mobile library Arab sector" Medal for significant contribution to children's culture.
Jury Statement: "mobile library project Arab sector has a significant contribution to children's culture".

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