BCMS Library Tips!

January 20, 2015

Lesson Planning using CHISD databases

When you are planning a research project with your class, it's always a good idea to check out the subscription databases that CHISD has.

To access these databases, go to the BCMS Library website at : http://bessiecoleman.tx.chm.schoolinsites.com/?PageName='Library'

Scroll down to see all the databases we have access to, select one, and click on the ICON.

If you are at school, you won't need the passwords.

If you are at home, here are the usernames and passwords. Feel free to share them with your students and parents, but please do not put the information on your staff website.

No capitals or spaces in the passwords.

For all of the Gale databases the password is: learn

For World Book Encyclopedia,:

Username: coleman1

Password: aviators

For AMDigital American West and American Indian Histories and Culture:

Username: coleman1

Password: learn

Remember, I'm here to help you find information so you can better design your research project lesson plans. Looking for the information first on the databases can help you guide your students to the information and spend less time wandering around on Google for appropriate information.

It helps your students learn college-ready research skills that they need and it will save you time in your planning. It's a Win-Win!