Friendship Academy (K - 2nd)

February 25th - March 1st

Monday February 25th: Kinder - 2nd

Sharing...a Great Step Towards Friendship!

Watch the video clip below with your students.

Discussion Questions:

Why is sharing important in a friendship?

Can you make more friends when you share something?

What kinds of things can we share at school? (What kinds of things can we not: Food)

Who is a good friend that shares with you?

Tuesday February 26th: Kinder - 2nd

Why Compromise?

To be a good friend, you have to compromise with your friend. You can't always play what you want to play or do what you want to do. Being a good friend is listening to your friend and letting them choose the game sometimes. Good friends even offer to do something that they might not like as much because they know their friend really enjoys it.

Ask students to share one way that they can compromise with their friend or offer to do something their friend likes to do more than they do.

Wednesday February 27th: Kinder - 2nd

What Would You Do Wednesday?

Have your students read the social problem below.

You have been playing with two good friends. Both of them want to be your best friend. One friend keeps encouraging you to play with them today and play with the other friend tomorrow. You know your other friend will be left out if they don't have anyone to play with today.

What could you do to be a good friend to both of them?

Thursday February 28th: Kinder - 2nd

Have students watch the video clip below.

Discussion Questions:

1. What is so special about Bella and Tara's friendship?

2. In what ways do they show each other that they care for each other?

3. Bella and Tara are great examples of wonderful friends. What friendship skills can we use in our own friendships that we have learned from Bella and Tara?

Friday March 1st: Kinder - 2nd

Nobody's Perfect...We all Make Mistakes

Have students watch the clip: Cabbage's New Friend

Explain to students that we all make mistakes...even with our friends.

Discussion Questions:

What mistake did Albert make?

How did he make things up to his new friend cabbage?

What are some mistakes that you've made with your friend/s?

How could you make things better with your mistakes like Albert did?

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary