Charles Darwin's Postulates

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Variation is what differentiates species between each other. Sometimes, variations can even be found inside the same species, like humans, we are not all exactly the same. Variation can be found in different things such as colors, textures, sizes and much more things. Variation is something very easily seen and every generation of every species there is more and more variation.
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Inheritance is what passes down from generation to generation in one species. These are the traits that the offspring gets from both of its parents. This is the reason on why you will always find common traits between family members of the same species. These traits can be how tall an animal is, its skin color, tendencies, and much more. Something very interesting from inheritance is that it is not always good or directly connected to the parents of the offspring. Sometimes, some traits although were not so present in its parents, can be passed down from its grandparents.


When a species is not "strong enough", or in other words, is not adapted enough to survive in the environment in which they are living (which could be a cause of many things), these species become extinct. When a species goes extinct, it means that there are no more living animals from that species. Some causes of extinction can be related to hunting, industrialisation, contamination, global warming/climate changes and much more.
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Differential Survival

Differential Survival is related to how much a species is able to survive/adapt in a certain environment which could either be changing or stay the same way. In here, both abiotic and biotic factors take place affecting the probabilities of survival either in a positive or a negative way.

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