Attend our Pluto event!

Ice skating olympic event

Our event will be occurring shortly!

Attend at the dwarf planet Pluto! We are able to succeed in making this our location because of the cold weather and rock hard ice. The temperature will be as cold as physically possible so don't forget to bring your biggest jacket!

This will be a very entertaining and educational even, not only because of the Olympic sport but because of the celestial event. This event is when Jupiter meets up with Pluto. It is called the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction.

Ice Skating On Pluto!

Friday, June 14th 2013 at 9pm

38.5 AU. It is the second largest dwarf planet, so you can't miss it!

There is the presence of frozen water and low gravity so the skating will be great! The low gravity makes any type of midair trick a possibility. If you were to weigh 100 pounds on our home planet, Earth, you would be a mere 7 pounds on Pluto, so don't forget your heavy boots!

You may be tired!

The day length of this planet is a lot longer than the average Earth day so you may be tired. In measurement Earth days, the Pluto day length is approximately 6.39 Earth days.

So get a lot of sleep before attending this event. You wouldn't want to fall asleep during the amazing and incredible ice skating skills.

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