Vex Game Design: Vex Minesweeper

Hunter McDaniel, Morgan Hall

The Game

This game is played on a 12 foot by 12 foot field. Teams are given a 15 second autonomous period and a 1 minute 45 second driver control period. The final score of the match will be determined when all game pieces have come to rest. Each Team is given 9 receptacles for rods and a "scoring zone" behind the cylinders.

Field Layout

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Game Pieces


A Mine in the cylinder is worth 3 points.

A Mine in the scoring zone is worth 1 points.

A Bonus Mine in the Cylinder is worth 5 points.

A Bonus Mine in the Scoring Zone is worth 2 points.

A Rod in your team's receptacle is worth 5 points.

A Low hanging (Under 12 inches) robot is worth 10 points.

A High hanging (Above 12 inches) robot is worth 25 points.

The winner of the Autonomous round will be awarded with 10 bonus points.


Robots must be contained within 18"x18"x18" at the start of the match.

Disqualification (DQ)
can be sentenced to any robot who: Tampers with the field or its game pieces, pins another robot against a wall, intentionally throws game objects at audience and/or other drivers, or displays unsportsmanlike attitudes.


The Mines bust me thrown or placed in the cylindrical goals or in the square behind the goals. Players will have to use Kinematics to be able to successfully launch the symmetrical mines into the cylinders. Also, Robots will use the properties of Torque to hang on the hook for the final bonus score.