Global Winds , Local Winds

Local Winds

This just in the Local Winds are here. They are caused by unequal heating of earths surface within a small amount of land.There are also Sea Breeze which is a wind that blows from an ocean or sea or lake towards a area of land and there is one last Local Winds it is the Land Breeze which is reverse of the Sea Breeze instead of going from water to land you are going from land to water isn't that a funny coincidence.

Don't Get Blown Away

Wind is air in motion. It happens by the unequal heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. Since the earth’s surface is made of different materials they each get suns heat unequally.That is causes wind.
This how wind works it is pretty simple when it comes to how wind works or what it is,It is the movement of air from areas of low pressure and high pressure.


You can make a anemometer at home just grab three cups a stand more rods that will spin and you will be able to measure wind speed.Have fun with your wind reader.
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The Global Winds : Doldrums,Horse Latitudes,Trade Winds,Jet Stream,Prevailing Westerlies,Polar Easterlies.

Doldrums -Are very weak and are at the equator.

Horse Latitudes -These winds are also very weak, but they are 30 degrees north and south latitude.

Trade Winds -These winds are very strong they are between 0 and 30 degrees latitude.

Ex: Boats men use these winds to trade with other people from around the world.

Jet stream -It is like a group of very strong winds that are in the upper Troposphere. To save fuel airplanes ride in this layer.

Prevailing Westerlies -These winds blow from the west and are between 30 and 60 degrees north and south latitude .

Polar Easterlies - These winds blow from North to South Pole

The Coriolis Effect

Since the Earth doesn't just stand still it rotates so the winds cant just go straight they turn.Global Winds in the Northern Hemisphere turn to right Global Winds in the Southern Hemisphere turn left. Neat right.

The -Wind Chill Factor

The Wind - Chill Factor is when wind causes the air to fell colder than it is that is called the Wind- Chill Factor.S o just so you know the faster the wind blows the colder you will feel.

Did It Just Get Cold In Here

Bill Nye The Science Guy on Wind (Full Clip)