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October 14th, 2020

Dear Weiss Families,

On October 6th the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services ordered that within 24 hours of being notified by a local health department of School Associated Cases(s) of COVID-19, we must provide Public Notice to our school community in a highly visible location on our website. Gibraltar School District has created a COVID Dashboard for every building. Ours is located on the homepage of our school website. You can view our dashboard HERE. It is also located on the main page of our school website. This dashboard does not replace the direct notifications to persons who were, or are suspected to have been a Close Contact. We are working hard to ensure our community has timely and up to date information regarding all COVID-19 cases and information. When you look at the totals on the dashboard, the first total always represents the current number affected and the second total ( after the /) always represents the total individuals affected since the start of the school year. As we approach the end of October, Halloween, and the Holiday Season, we also know that the cold and flu season is coming up in addition to concerns about COVID-19. Please help us remain in person by doing the following: complete the daily health screener on your child, keep your child home if they have symptoms, and keep your child home if they are awaiting test results for COVID-19. We know that not everything is COVID-19 and we are relying on our students to limit their potential exposure (parties, celebrations, events) as much as possible while we limit their exposure in school. When there is limited exposure, there is less reason to believe that symptoms are potentially COVID-19, so we are able to get students back in school more quickly. The majority of students who test positive in our district or who are quarantined are coming from outside activities. Keeping our doors open for face-to-face instruction will continue to be a team effort between home and school. What we all do outside of school directly impacts our ability to keep our doors open and our students safe.


Derek Bezeau


Halloween is always a fun, exciting, and busy time in Elementary School. We are determined to create a great opportunity at school this year, although it will look very different. The biggest and toughest decision we have to make is to not have parades of any kind this year for Halloween or allow parents into our school to volunteer with classroom parties. Your child’s classroom teacher will provide you with information on if there is anything you can send into the classroom to help create a safe and fun Halloween celebration.

Students will be allowed to wear their school appropriate costumes with NO costume masks and no props on Friday, October 30th with the following guidelines:

-Please consider a simple costume for school on the 30th. Students will come to school in their Halloween costume and be wearing it the whole day. Students will also be eating in their costume.

-Students will need to be able to use the bathroom independently while wearing their costumes.

-Please choose a costume that does not reflect violence. Inappropriate “props” such as Dracula's blood, plastic swords, guns, knives, and weapons of any kind are not allowed even if they are a part of your child’s costume. Please save them for supervised activities at home.

-No costume masks will be allowed as our students will be required to wear their COVID-19 face coverings. There are COVID 19 masks that are Halloween themed and those can be worn. See picture example below

-It is important that students can easily get in and out of the car with their costume on. If your child can't exit and enter the car without adult support in their costume, then the costume would not be appropriate for School Halloween 2020.

Detailed information by classroom and grade level will come directly from your child's classroom teacher.


Half Days (October 15th & October 16th)

I just wanted to send a reminder that Thursday(15th) and Friday(16th) will be half days due to parent-teacher conferences. Here is our dismissal times for half days:

A-F: Will be dismissed at 11:35

G-L: Will be dismissed at 11:45

M-R: Will be dismissed at 11:55

S-Z: Will be dismissed at 12:02

October Focus Character Trait - Self Control

For the next three weeks, our students will be learning about self-control. Self-control means being able to resist immediate temptations and avoid acting on impulse in order to achieve more important goals, such as learning or being kind. When kids have better self-control, they do better in school and get along better with others. Here is a PBS Link that shares some strategies for teaching children self-control. Also, below is a video that talks a bit about this character trait. We appreciate any extra reinforcement at home with our monthly character traits.
Self-Control for Kids | Character Education

Free Food Distribution

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