By Art Spiegelman


The book Maus is not like others, it is a graphic novel. It also is not like any other memoirs because it is written by Art Spiegelman. Art Spiegelman is the son of Vladek Spiegelman who actually experienced the Holocaust.

Before the Holocaust

In the first book Art Spiegelman switches back and forth between his life and with his father's life around the time of the Holocaust. His father's life around the time of the Holocaust was good, until Nazi oppression caused him to lose many of his rights.

During the Holocaust

Art Spiegelman waited until the second volume of MAUS to talk about his father's experience in the camps. His father, Vladek, was sent to Auschwitz and he was put to work. Comparatively speaking, Vladek thrived compared to other prisoners. He was able to thrive because he had many skills and the skills he didn't have he could develop and learn easily. He also did many favors for a prison kapo, and in return the kapo gave him food and good fitting clothing.


"Anything is better than rotting in those tents" (Vladek) (pg. 57)

This quote shows that before they officially were in the camps they thought that the killing of Jews was not going to happen.

Art Spiegelman discusses Maus & MetaMaus - BBC News

Why We Chose This Video

We chose this video because we enjoyed hearing the authors opinions on the book. We thought it was interesting to hear his personal thoughts on why he chose to write the book as he did, portraying the Jews as mice and Nazis as cats.
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