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Friday, August 17th

Principal's Notes and Highlights

Happy Friday!

We had a successful Husky Hideaway with our 6th graders. This trip is a mix of fun, relationship building and competition. Sketchy food, sweat and mud make certain that all students receive an authentic camp experience.

Rain is delaying the opening of our playground. The crew is staying in town until the job is completed. Hopefully, there will be sunshine this weekend and we can take ownership by mid-week. Fingers crossed!

While on the topic of rain, you may have noticed a few classrooms posting photos of your students playing board games during indoor recess. In the past, we have allowed students to have "tech time" during indoor recess. Essentially, your students were playing computer games. I made the decision that we are turning the chromebooks off and instead will find ways for them to interact with each other (second graders-photo). As we look to seize the day, we must use every opportunity to teach students how to communicate, share and build a sense of community.

The car rider line will get better. We could use your help with a few things. Please be ready to pull forward when it is your turn to load and depart swiftly and safely. Please practice at home with your student if they struggle with the safety harness. Parents should not get out of their car during arrival or dismissal. On rainy days we will usher your students out in waves so they don't go home drenched. Moving quickly and efficiently on your part will help this become a seamless process.

This is a gentle reminder that the front of the school is not to be used as an alternative to the car rider line in the afternoon.

Order forms for school pictures are headed home in backpacks today. School pictures will be on Tuesday, August 28th.

Our friends from Miyoshi, Japan will be arriving in Columbus next Wednesday! Northside Middle School had a host family who needed to drop out this week and is looking for a family to host one boy student. I have attached information about the experience if you have an interest in hosting. This is a great cultural experience for both the Miyoshi student and your family.

Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Newton's class doing a "color mixing experiment" with shaving cream!

Big picture

Husky Gram Winners

Jones Hayden

Hannah Pepin

Ellie Tibbs

Camilla Guerra

Michael Larson

Aniket Ghatge

Savannah Shreve

Lincoln Pepin

Elania Xue

Eli Hoffman

Elise Brooks

Lyra Tyree

McKenzie Cochran

Brady Myers

PTO Update

PTO Mix & Mingle

Not sure what PTO is or what we do? Want to meet other Husky parents? Just like free snacks? Come satisfy your curiosity on Thursday, August 23rd at 6pm in the library! Meet our newly appointed officers and give input on fundraisers/activities at this very casual "getting-to-know-you" session!

Don't be afraid, it's just an email...

PTO email is a great NO PRESSURE way to learn about opportunities to help out so you are able to jump in where you can, if you can, in whatever capacity you can. If you don't have the time or resources to participate in one opportunity simply DELETE the email and maybe the next opportunity will be one you can get involved with. We LOVE our parent volunteers and couldn't pull off all of the fun stuff we do without you so if you aren't currently on the PTO email list but would like to change that, send us your request to be added to ptocsalincoln@gmail.com!

Corrections Corner - Kroger Community Rewards

This week a flyer came home discussing how to sign up for Kroger Community Rewards and listed our organization number as 11083. Kroger has since changed systems and our organization number has changed from 11083 to XH970. This changes nothing for you except if you are trying to search the school by the organization number you would now need to use the new letter/number combination instead.

BCPL Cards for Students

We will be kicking off a reading challenge for all grades in September. One of the advantages of our location is the proximity to downtown, specifically the Bartholomew County Public Library (BCPL). We have been working closely with the BCPL for a few years and just learned that we can sign students up for library cards. Our plan is to take each class once a month to the county library to check out books. These books would be kept in the classroom unless you discuss something different with your student's teacher. This is an incredible opportunity for our students to have access to a much larger variety of books than we can provide at school!

If you have questions or prefer your child not check out a book from the BCPL, please let your student's teacher know. Say yes to reading!

Restricted Area- Playground

As cool as it looks, the playground is not ready for us to use. This week a company from Louisiana will be pouring the soft surface for the playground. We cannot have anyone in that area or in the playground until all work is completed or we run the risk of damaging or delaying completion of the project. No one wants that to happen! Please make sure your children stay away from the playground until we are cleared to use it.
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