Alexander Mikalauskas

Background Info.

We will learn the history of France and some major cities.We will also learn the wars they were in.We will also learn their government,Economics and GDP per capita.We will also look at some maps.

Frances government

The french's government is the french republic.Their type of government is a republic.Their leader is Francois Hollande and Alain Neri.The rights of a citizen is the freedom of conscience and religion.And also the freedom of thought belief,opinion and expression,including freedom of speech and of the press.And you also have freedom peace and association.And your responsibilities are liberty,equality,security.You also have to participate in defense and cohesion of the nation.They are an unlimited government.Some of the problems the government has s immigration,conversely,manufacturers and other problems.And the citizens really do have the rights and responsibilities as americans.France is a member of the united nations.It has many relations with other countries including the united states,united kingdom,germany and italy.It also has many trades with germany and Italy.France does receive foreign aid.

The Economy of Europe

The currency France uses is euros.And the conversion rate of the French is 1.12 U.S dollars is equal to one euro.The French's exports are machines,engines,pumps,flying things,flying into space material,vehicles,electronic equipment,pharmaceuticals,plastic,oil,beverages,medical,technical equipment,perfumes and cosmetics.And Frances imports are:machines,equipment for stuff,vehicles,oil,flying things,plastic and toxic things.The French people also get paid each an average of (GDP per capita)42,503.30.We are pretty wealthy considering the fact that our gdp per capita is only 10,000 behind the U.S.And we are wealthy because we import and export more things than the U.S.And we make more money out of these imports and exports.

Geography information on Europe

France has one channel,one bay and two seas surrounding it.France also has the Seine river,Garonne river,Loire river,Rhone river and many more rivers.The two most important rivers are the Rhone and the Rhine river.It also has the Pyrenees mountains which is a border between France and Spain.And It has the alps mountains with the juan mountains.

Frances ethnic and social groups

The french have many ethnic groups including roman catholic,Protestant,Unaffiliated,jewish,muslims.The French also have many social groups.the social groups are in order which means that they have their own stature in France.Those social groups are nobility,middle class and the common people.families pay for their children to go to school and you have to be 6 to go to school.women and children have many rights including the right to vote when you are sixteen.Women and children also have the right to be in the parliament and the government.They also get paid at and women do not have equal rights.women get paid less.Women get treated worse by the government and have a harsher punishment than men in jail.The literacy rate for france is 99% women and men are 99%.Which means that France has a high literacy rate.And Is tied for tops with the U.S.The dominant religion is roman catholicThere has been conflict in the past with ethnic groups fighting each other.They are fighting over religion,jobs and legal discrimination.

Language and religion of France

The dominant language of France is french.The most dominant religion is Roman catholic. The colors red white and blue all stand for something.Blue and red stand for the virgin mary and patroness of France.All the colors also stand for something way back white =clergy,red=nobility,and blue =bourgeoisie.The France flag was also made February 15,1794.
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Traditions and holidays of France

The French have a holiday called Whitmonday.Whitmonday is held the 7th monday after april this year it's May 16.This holiday celebrates the end of the Easter cycle.French like to wear these clothes because they like to wear clothes like their flag.They also have some very popular food in france.chicken,pancakes,loaf of bread,chocolate mousse,eclair and a creme brulee.1 quart of heavy cream,1 vanilla bean,1 cup of sugar,6 large egg yolks and 2 quarts of hot water.


I can conclude that the religions probably want to be dominant so they will fight the roman catholic people. Another conclusion I can make is that the French like to eat a lot of stuff that is creamy not hard.And my last and final conclusion is everybody in France really does only speak French.