Japanese Culture

Folk and Popular Artists

What is Japanese Folk Culture?

Folk art in Japan is very wide ranging and has influenced many types of artistry overtime in southeastern countries. The most well-known type of cultural folk art in Japan would be Ink Wash Painting also known as literati painting. This form of art was practiced by many people in Japan such as scholars, amatuers, etc. Ink wash painting is known to capture the aesthetic value rather then copy its image on piece of paper. The Japanese like to consider this as a form of art that captures the unseen value. Ink wash painting is able to use shading and tonality to paint art with more detail. Shading techniques depend on the density of the ink and the pressure that’s put into a single brushstroke.

Another very well known kind of folk art is ukiyo-e woodblock printing. Woodblock prints were commonly used in the eighteenth century to disseminate Buddhist scriptures. However, in 1765 new technology allowed for colors and printing was not just used for reproducing texts, it became a way to create art. The woodblock printing process included four workers; the designer, the engraver, the printer and the publisher. One of the most famous results of this art is The Great Wave At Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai.

Folk Culture Examples

Nakabayashi Chikutō

Nakabayashi Chikutō was a Japanese artist committed to literati theory and technique. He is considered an "academic" painter, meaning he was a skilled craftsmen that strived for marvelous affects on his works. Although literati poetry developed during the Tang Dynasty in China, literati painting was recognized much later. The art form was present all around Asia. Chikutō is one point historians use to create the picture of where the art form was present.

What is Popular Culture?

A form of popular cultural art in Japan is probably well known all over the world, but has mostly originated from Japan. Japanese pop-art is a defining culture in Japan, as Japan is known for their large collection of “Manga” and their wildly popular on-going production of “Anime”. Manga are comics created by artists and have been a popular art style since the late 19th century. In Japan, Manga is read by people of all ages and isn't just popular in Japan but is just as popular all over the world.

Popular Culture Examples

Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese animator for studio ghibli. Through a career that lasted five decades Miyzazaki is considered one of the greatest storytellers to have ever lived. Miyazakis skills compare to those of Walt Disney and other great animators. Miyazaki produce amazing films such as "Spirited Away" and "My Neighbor Totoro".
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