Harriet Tubman

A brave women

Who she was

  • Harriet Tubman was born on March 1820 and died on March, 10, 1913.
  • She was born on he eastern shore of Maryland.
  • She was an African american women who helped runaway slaves escape through he underground railroad.
  • She then became a famous leader of the underground railroad.

Challenges she had to overcome

  • Since she was an African american born in that time period she was born into slavery.
  • When Harriet was only but a little girl she tried to stop a supervisor from punishing another slave as the effect on that the supervisor fractured Harriet's skull with a heavy metal weight.
  • because of the severe injury Harriet suffered from blackouts
  • In 1849 Harriet escaped slavery all by herself using the underground railroad
  • After escaping and arriving to Philadelphia she vowed to help other slaves too . Shortly after she had bought 19 groups to Philadelphia there was a new law established that helping slaves was considered a crime.

Accomplishments she made

  • Harriet Tubman became a conductor of the underground railroad.
  • She rescued over 300 slaves in general.
  • Harriet continued her courageous actions though later during the civil war where she helped over 750 people escape slavery.
  • So in total she helped over 1000 people escape slavery!

Other facts about Harriet

  • She married Jhon Tubman a free black man in 1844.
  • Harriet was almost caught and killed twice trying to help slaves escape.
  • She served as a nurse and spy for the union army during the civil war.
  • After the war Harriet came back home and started speaking in support for women's rights.
  • She established a home for elderly and needy African Americans.


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