Lockwood locks



The Lockwood 001 deadlatch first appeared in Australia around 20 years ago. The design has been improved a lot since the first series of the 001 deadlatch.

The 001 is now much easier to install and has a more reliable mechanism. The inside of the 001 has the Lockwood “Lock Alert” indicator. Which is Green when the inside knob is not locked and Red when locked. The Lockwood 001 automatically unlocks the inside knob when the door is unlocked with the key from the outside. So it is very difficult to accidentally lock yourself inside your home.

The Lockwood 001 has an easily reversible stainless steel bolt to suit both inward and outward opening doors. There is an outward opening strike that can be installed for outward opening doors. The Lockwood 001 can also easily be turned into a passage mode lock, just by turning the inside knob and which holds the latch open.

The Lockwood 001 comes standard with Lockwood’s Kinetic Defence anti-bump keying system, making lock bumping much harder.

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