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Celebrating Excellence in the Class of 2019

Rebecca Cory

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About Rebecca:

Rebecca Cory is recognized for being a high-achieving student, an accomplished dancer, and a stellar citizen at RMHS.

Rebecca’s academic record tells a story of challenging classes and high achievement, but her academic record, alone, does not adequately capture what really counts: Rebecca’s willingness to accept a challenge and to meet it with her very best effort. When it comes to describing Rebecca’s work in class, no one can describe it better than her teachers. Ms. Dalby, Rebecca’s Anatomy teacher, says, “Rebecca is awesome! She excels in Anatomy and Physiology because she works hard. She represents our core value of scholarship well in her ability to initiate discussions with me about what she doesn't understand or in areas where she needs clarification. In this way she is able to positively influence everyone’s learning. She is a role model for many in class and we are lucky to have her voice in anatomy lab while we work towards our practical exams at this point in the year.”

Her hard work in Anatomy class will obviously help Rebecca in college, where she plans to study biology with the idea of one day pursuing advanced studies to become a physician’s assistant.

Beyond the classroom, Rebecca has positively influenced school culture at RMHS through her work as a member of the A World of Difference Club and as Co-President of the Student Council. Like many of her fellow AWOD members, Rebecca was instrumental in planning and executing the Community Day that RMHS held on the first day of school this year. Her work and leadership in Student Council has led to several prominent contributions to school culture: the unity project, a Veteran’s Day observance, and even bringing therapy dogs to campus to ease our collective anxiety during exam week.

Lastly, over the last twelve years, Rebecca has spent countless after-school hours pursuing her passion for dance. She currently dances six days a week at Wilmington Dance Academy, where she focuses on the study of ballet. Dance has brought Rebecca special opportunities such as studying one summer at the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance Company in New York City and serving an apprenticeship with the North Atlantic Dance Theatre, a professional ballet company with whom she will be performing The Little Mermaid this spring.

Favorite class: AP European History with Dr. Ryan

Plans after high school: Study biology in college with plans to be a Physician’s Assistant

Clubs and Activities: Co-President of Student Council, Member of A World of Difference Club, Wilmington Dance Academy, Apprenticeship with North Atlantic Dance Theatre.

Favorite thing about RMHS: “That so many of the teachers are so knowledgeable about their content and willing to go as far with a subject as you want to. You can always get as much out of a class as you want.”