Dot Dollars Redemption

Shop July 3-11th ONLY

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Redemption rules and tips:

  1. Dot Dollars - Jewellery Edition promo codes can be redeemed on Jewellery ONLY.Dot Dollars cannot be redeemed on bags, scarves, and other non-jewellery items!

  2. You Need to Spend a Minimum of $50 on Jewellery in Order to Redeem Each $25 Dot Dollar Promo Code. A box will display during checkout indicating how much you need to spend on jewellery in order to redeem Dot Dollars.

  3. You can place Dot Dollar Redemption Orders or I am happy to do so on your behalf Behalf: Simply place an order like you normally would and enter your Dot Dollar promo codes in the ‘promo code’ field!
  4. Should you have no interest in using your promo code, please feel free to share with friends or family.

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stay tuned for your promotion codes via email...

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