Verona was struck by both the blades of Capulet and Montague yesterday as the anger of Tybalts soul and rage of Romeos heart cause deadly friction as we lost two very honourable figures of both feuding families.


Yesterday, sun was boiling as was the blood of the cat. Felines love fire, like dogs love water but did this cat and dog, chase the squirrel too far up the tree? They say opposites attract... In this case, it attracted death. The brawl came as a surprise, much did the honesty of Benvolio Montague ( Nephew of Lady Montague ). He witnessed the whole duel as it has been said that he was the "Peace maker" in this riot. "I do not wish to cause plague but only peace and love, between our feuding families. Something as old as the Bible is our strife, yet war is something common and rife."

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a chain reaction

It was 7:15 when our reporter J. B. Roberto set out to find the fallen leaves left from the fracas on Sycamore Grove. It was there where he found Benvolio Montague, a stray duckling being comforted by father goose Montague. We had a few words from both uncle and nephew later in the day.

When asked for a synopsis of the duel Benvolio explained, " What started as an exchange of verbal insult, a spit on the ground and a sly remark soon escalated to both mine and the enemies blood in Romeos hands."

We then asked if this young man thought that his own cousin Romeo was to blame. He went on to say that though Tybalts scar is loacated in his heart by Romeos blade. The strike was but an action of anger after witnessing a dear cousin and friend fall to his knees after being struck by Tybalts claws.

This is our reporter Robertos conclusion on Benvolios words - "Obviously Benvolio wants to make things right, and if that means including his cousins well known name in the middle that is what he needs to do. I could tell by the quiver in his speech that Benvolio is very shaken by the forth and possibly the biggest brawl but is it because of Romeos disappearance or the loss of a fellow family member? We spoke to Montague next to try and get a fuller story as someone who only witnessed the aftermath."

Roberto asked Montague for his description of the big event. He stated that, "The sight reminded me of the many brawls before, but much worse. I feel like I have lost two sons today and I hope I never witness a sight like that again."

Roberto then asked if his son should be punished for his choices Montague replied very strongly, he said he does not wish for his son to be prosecuted for his actions today. He went on to explain that If Capulet drew blood first then the people of Capulet should be prosecuted. Regardless if the murderer himself, Tybalt is dead!

Montague showed a VERY strong opinion on the matter. I think we all now know his views on the enemy. Roberto thought, " Montague was like a ticking time bomb that I am regretfully guilty of setting off. Our quick interview started calm but quickly escalated like fight. This family duel obviously has not opened any eyes to the idea of peace between both Montague and Capulet but I had to ask myself, will anything ever make them realise that all they bring is death? Verona has not seen the end of this war between our honourable figures."

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Is prince charming saving the day?

I got the chance to hear our very own Prince give his verdict on what should happen to our run away Montague.
"After not much deliberation Romeo Montague will be prosecuted for the murder of Tybalt Capulet. If he returns from banishment he will be killed. Verona has no sympathy for a murderer of a popular figure. I am sad to confirm the death of Tybalt Capulet and Mercutio Montague, but those who bring death should take punishment."


Today is a sad day for any Verona villager whether you support the fighting or not. Weather your team Capulet or Montague. All that's left for me to say is think twice before raising your swords.