My Plant growth Lab

My table of the plants growth.


What was altered



I placed the pot the plant is in, inside a small dish of water, and put it in the window to give it as much sunlight as possible.

Barley at the surface of the soil.


I added 5 drops of milk to the soil around the plant, then added another 5 drops to the water that the plants pot is sitting in.

The plant is now 2 centimeters through the soil.


All of the water that was in the bottom of the container has been absorbed. Added 5 drops of milk, along with a little water.

Because of the milk, my plant now smells like rotten milk. It doesn't look like it has grown at all, but it is now just a little bit longer that the 2cm. It twisted, and curved to the left a little too.


I stopped adding milk, and am now using only water,and placed it 2 feet, directly under a heat lamp to ensure it is getting enough light.

The plant has started to shrivel up and lose color, so I am done adding milk to it.