Animal Farm

By: Aaron Broom

Napoleon (Joseph Stalin)

Napoleon is the dictator of animal farm that will do anything to get things his way. The propaganda that Napoleon uses is fear & Transfer. Napoleon brings fear to the animals by using the vicious dogs that he trained to make them obey him only. If the animals disagree on any of Napoleon's decisions, he will kill them using the dogs to get what he want. Squealer is Napoleon's Transfer, another pig that helps Napoleon get the animals on his side.

AF Novel Reflection

I wonder, now what will the animals on the farm do since the animals had turned into men, If they will turn against the pigs even though they are too animals but act like humans, or will they just deal with the changes in the pigs.

My least favorite character was squealer cause he would always find an excuse for everything on whatever the pigs did wrong.

I think that All the animals will rebel on the pigs because of how much they had trusted in them to keep them safe from the humans & instead they act like one all of a sudden.

I was surprise that when the animals notice the change in the pigs when they were walking on their hind leg was that the sheep's bleated out "Four legs good, two legs better" instead of the original commandment.

I think that maybe snowball may come back around to help the animals receive their freedom, & tell them to run away forever & never come back. Or that the animals will try to overthrow Napoleon from ruling animal farm